Delphix to Launch Continuous Ransomware Protection, DevOps Data Appliances

New Appliances Provide Continuous Data Protection, Advanced Test Data Management for Enterprise Applications

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Delphix, the industry leader in DevOps test data management (TDM), today announced the launch of two new data appliances powered by Dell Technologies. Both appliances are fully engineered software solutions optimized for performance and reliability.

The Delphix CDP Appliance provides businesses with continuous data protection, multiple levels of ransomware detection, and the ability to automate instant recovery of multiple applications to a clean and data-consistent state. The Delphix DevOps Appliance provides the most advanced and secure TDM solution in the market, enabling customers to release software faster, safer, and at higher quality.

The Delphix CDP Appliance syncs data from enterprise applications in near-real time and creates a continuous, immutable data record, so applications can be recovered to any time, down to the second or a transaction boundary, for a near-zero recovery point objective (RPO). In contrast, traditional backups only protect data once a day, leaving the potential for a full day’s loss of critical business transactions.

In addition, the appliance enables the instant recovery of multiple applications using APIs for a near-zero recovery time objective (RTO). Business processes, like quote to cash, often create data dependencies and consistency challenges across applications. With this new appliance, businesses can quickly recover multiple applications to a data consistent state, even across multiple points in time, in order to determine a clean data state prior to a ransomware attack.

The Delphix CDP Appliance is built on a zero trust architecture. All data is immutable, and retained data snapshots and policies can be locked from tampering or deletion. In addition, the appliance is a fully contained, isolated recovery environment that can optionally include application and database servers.

Today, businesses need to balance both security and innovation. Many companies leave test data security and provisioning up to individual application teams and administrators, often in violation of privacy compliance and industry regulations. The Delphix DevOps Appliances automate sensitive data discovery, masking, and delivery to fully protect consumer data privacy throughout the application lifecycle.

In addition, businesses are in a race to release software faster. As they invest in DevOps tools and processes, test data often becomes a major bottleneck. The Delphix DevOps Appliance provides a range of innovative and unique APIs to enable superior testing, including APIs for data refresh, rewind, bookmark, teardown, and integration across apps. Using these APIs, Delphix customers have achieved high rates of innovation—well over a million CI/CD releases a month for individual customers.

“With Dell’s reach and the powerful combination of our technologies, we can help companies around the world innovate faster, while protecting consumer data privacy from ransomware and other attacks,” said Jedidiah Yueh, Delphix CEO. “We help companies achieve zero trust and zero friction data operations.”

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About Delphix

Delphix is the industry leader for DevOps test data management.

Businesses need to transform application delivery but struggle to balance speed with data security and compliance. Our DevOps Data Platform automates data security, while rapidly deploying test data to accelerate application releases. With Delphix, customers modernize applications, adopt multicloud, achieve CI/CD, and recover from downtime events such as ransomware up to 2x faster.

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