Holon Collaboration With Filecoin Green Creates the Sustainability Framework of the Future

This unique Web 3 collaboration between network and ecosystem, powered by blockchain will deliver transparency and verifiability in sustainability goal setting and reporting.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Holon, a next generation investment manager and Web 3 data storage provider and Filecoin Green, a Protocol Labs initiative to decarbonize the Filecoin Network, announced today the publication of their first comprehensive Web 3 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report.

This report, revealed at the Sustainable Blockchain Summit in Paris, establishes a model for ESG objectives and actions among storage providers. As a collaborative effort between storage providers and the network, enabled by blockchain technology, this ESG report establishes a new standard for accountability for sustainability claims.

The report is based on the Filecoin network’s past twelve months of activity and details how Holon as one of its storage providers will contribute to reaching 100% renewable electricity procurement by the end of the fiscal year 2025, a commitment embedded in the Filecoin Green Pledge. Filecoin Green is committed to empowering transparent sustainability reporting and monitoring among storage providers. Currently the data storage industry consumes two percent of all electricity globally. This report demonstrates the opportunities Web 3 technologies and processes offer for the industry to improve environmental, social, and governance efforts.

Traditional Web 2.0 ESG systems are voluntary and lack standardization. Blockchain’ s open-source nature enables investors to view real-time granular energy use metrics and verify sustainability claims, combating greenwashing and providing a blueprint for sustainability transactions across economies.

“This report takes ESG efforts to the next level, leveraging the power of Web 3 and opening countless possibilities for increased climate action, encouraging investors to redefine their expectations for sustainability accounting,” says Alan Ransil, Filecoin Green Project Lead. “We aspire to help other storage providers on our network breakdown the tangible efforts they can take to improve their sustainability, embracing a new standard of granularity, verifiability and accountability.”

Holon is investing in, and building out, Web 3 infrastructure including deploying data storage onto the Filecoin network in the Australian and Pacific region. Holon is guided by Filecoin Green’s Storage Providers Green Guide, which applies a tiered approach to sustainability claims to address energy inefficiencies in a verifiable and transparent manner. As an Australian storage provider, Holon faces volatile and often high energy prices and limited access to clean energy alternatives. Australia currently ranks third to last out of twenty-four developed countries in emissions and renewable energy infrastructure.

“A country like Australia is an excellent environment to become a leading renewable energy nation and as we are far behind and need to invest in this now. A framework like this is the driver of action and we need to have both awareness and accountability if we are to create a climate positive impact,” says Heath Behncke, Founder of Holon.

Corporations, regulators and consumers care about ESG issues, and investors simply cannot exclude them. The Filecoin data storage system is one of the most significant Web 3 technologies that will underpin the next generation of the internet. It acknowledges that the future must position environment, social, and governance at its center.

Through this report, Holon and Filecoin Green provide a guide for energy intensive industries to verifiably and transparently set and meet sustainability goals. This ESG report is unique in illustrating the collaboration between business and investor groups, exercising its investment power and ecosystem contribution to drive and deliver positive ESG outcomes.



Holon is a next generation asset manager and Web 3.0 data storage provider. We believe innovation drives wealth creation, and everyone should have access to investing in the best companies and technology of today, tomorrow and the future. For more information, visit www.holon.investments.

Holon Global Innovations Pty Ltd (HGI) is a wholly owned subsidiaries of Holon Global Investments Limited. HGI is a Filecoin (FIL) Storage Provider and is positioned as a major player in the FIL decentralised data storage arena for Asia Pacific.


Filecoin Green is a Protocol Labs initiative to decarbonize the Filecoin Network. The initiative is spearheading a future of verifiably clean energy powered by crypto. By marrying blockchain’s granular tracking functionality with the information-sharing infrastructure of Web3, Filecoin Green will incentivize its network to reduce emissions. Starting with decarbonizing the Filecoin Network, the initiative then aims to build open-source tools that quantifiably measure and mitigate emissions generated from crypto-related activity. Filecoin Green aspires to prove that clean blockchain is not an aspiration, but reality. To learn more about Filecoin Green’s mission, visit filecoin.io.



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Antenna for Filecoin Green


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Head of Content & Media – Holon


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