InterVenn Expands Global Presence to Drive the Potential of Glycoproteomics to Improve Patient Outcomes

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InterVenn Biosciences, a clinical technology company leveraging glycoproteomics to transform the future of healthcare, today announced that it has expanded its global presence with the opening of multiple new locations in Asia-Pacific and North America. The company’s new facilities include Mandaluyong, Philippines; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Melbourne, Australia; and San Diego, California, adding a large footprint of state-of-the-art laboratories and office space for scaling up InterVenn’s software development, technical support, clinical research and business development.

“Our global expansion reflects the significant opportunity to apply glycoproteomics to improve clinical decision-making and translational research on a worldwide scale,” said Aldo Carrascoso, CEO of InterVenn Biosciences. “Our new offices and laboratory space will enable us to scale our operations, better connect with biomedical hubs, access local talent and serve different regions with localized resources.”

With facilities already established in San Francisco and Southeast Asia, InterVenn is building on its momentum since it was started with the mission that “no one should ever be blindsided by disease.” Each new location will play a key role in the increasing efforts to advance the company on its mission:

  • San Diego – InterVenn’s new presence in southern California will give the company access to the thriving San Diego life science community. Corporate business development, sales, marketing and other non-laboratory personnel work out of this new facility.
  • Australia – InterVenn’s new presence in Melbourne will enable the company to increase scientific collaborations, connect with talent in ML/AI and informatics, and have broader access to clinical samples and biobanking.
  • Philippines – InterVenn’s expanded presence in the Philippines will allow the company to scale its software engineering and IT capabilities to support current and future development and commercial activities.
  • Malaysia – InterVenn’s presence in Malaysia will allow the company to expand its R&D and clinical laboratory functions, enabling footprint expansion into Asia-Pacific. Also, a local Business Development and general administration team will drive regional partnerships, collaborations and commercial activities.

The company was co-founded by world-renowned scientist and Stanford professor Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD, highly respected innovator and UC Davis professor Carlito LeBrilla, PhD, and Aldo Carrascoso, an expert in AI/ML and blockchain. InterVenn has developed the world’s first technology platform to interrogate and decode the glycoproteome which will help accelerate the shift from the healthcare industry’s traditional focus on disease management to the new realm of preventive care and health management. The global expansion will support and help accelerate this development and position the company to serve customers with state-of-the-art capabilities.

About InterVenn Biosciences

InterVenn is a clinical technology company unlocking the value of glycoproteomics for the development of transformational healthcare solutions. The glycoproteome is a source of life-critical information about human biology that has the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes, but it has remained inaccessible due to its vast complexity. InterVenn is pioneering a new AI-powered platform to decode and unlock the potential of the glycoproteome at clinically meaningful scale for the first time in history. To optimize this entirely new dimension of biology, the company has developed a platform capable of producing a robust pipeline of powerful clinical applications, ranging from early disease screening to diagnostics and potentially therapeutics. InterVenn will contribute to making the new era of personalized, predictive, and preventative care a reality. For more information about InterVenn, visit


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