Virtual Private Youth Soccer Coaching Package for Confidence Announced by Blayze

For parents wanting their kids to improve soccer skills and game confidence, hiring a private coach has traditionally been the way to accomplish this. Blayze announced a new package of virtual online services that will significantly change how coaching will be provided in the future.

Austin, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – July 27, 2022) – Targeted at parents evaluating options for private soccer coaching available for their children, Blayze has announced a totally new package of virtual online services that offer features that are not available with traditional in-person coaching.

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The full Blayze private youth soccer coaching announcement and coaching options report can be accessed here.

The Blayze announcement sets the stage by explaining that currently, over 50% of youths in the age group between 6 and 17 participate in an organized sport and that this is forecast to increase to over 60% by 2030.

According to the report, families will now have at least five major private coaching options to choose from, each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages, at wide-ranging levels of cost.

Blayze reports that many families are not able to afford elite-level 1-on-1 coaching and need to find other options that deliver tangible benefits to their kids at an affordable cost.

Most team sports are organized around team practices, games, and sometimes tournaments. Parents frequently make the decision that team practices are enough to build their kid’s skills and forego private coaching entirely.

The Blayze announcement references a scientific study that provides evidence that private lessons will increase a student’s performance by elevating them into the top 5% of their class.

Most of this improvement from private coaching comes from a significant increase in the player’s level of confidence, which when added to superior skills development can be expected to deliver significant improvements in personal performance, according to Blayze.

Whilst the Blayze report focuses mostly on youth soccer, the principles described in the report can be applied equally to most other sports.

Prior to the announcement of the new Blayze soccer coaching program, the four basic types of private soccer coaching available were academies, camps, private coaching sessions, or having their kids train on their own, using online videos and training apps.

The pros and cons of each of these options are described in the Blayze announcement, along with cost estimates for each.

Blayze developed its personalized pro-coaching product with a promise to revolutionize the traditional style of private coaching. Through online platforms, including a recently released iOS-based App, they claim to be able to deliver capabilities that the other options are simply not able to offer.

The Blayze platform analyzes the athlete’s profile, player position on the team, and overall development goals, and then recommends a number of professional coaches to choose from.

The Blayze+ subscription program offers a package of technique (skills) analysis plus game film coaching, weekly custom training plans, personal calls with the selected coach, mentorship, as well as chat messaging prior to and after games or training sessions.

Also unique to the Blayze platform is the fact that young soccer players can watch and rewatch their own personalized coaching videos whenever and wherever they want.

Blayze points out that parents are also relieved to find out that they are no longer required to drive across town and back to have their kids meet up with a private coach for weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions.

Pricing for the Blayze standard services ranges from $39 for a one-time skills video analysis to $79 for a single game film analysis.

The Blayze+ subscription program costs $365 per year, which includes two technique video analyses, and a game film coaching analysis.

More information about the Blayze+ program can be accessed here: Blayze+.

Blayze is also offering a scholarship program for young women soccer players in partnership with three NWSL players. More information about this program can be found here: Blayze Women’s Soccer Scholarship.

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