alwaysAI® and Formant make it easier to drive more value from an enterprise robotic fleet

A cutting-edge integration of two world-class platforms is available now globally

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — alwaysAI, a computer vision platform leader, and Formant, a data platform for robotics companies, have partnered to deliver a cutting-edge integration, providing more value to enterprises in their robotics implementation.

Enterprises are looking to deploy faster, improve performance, maximize utilization, and transform their data into actionable insights. Together, Formant and alwaysAI deliver on those needs through alwaysAI’s video analytics (including smart obstacle avoidance, analysis of gauges and meters, and sensor fusion with 3d point map systems) and Formant’s cloud platform (including observability, teleoperation, and customer portals). Enterprises can now drive more value from their fleet of robots with real-time robust data analytics for better business decisions.

“This partnership now allows enterprises to gain more valuable information in real-time through a unique integration between Formant and alwaysAI,” said Marty Beard, CEO & Co-Founder of alwaysAI. “We are excited to be able to partner with a cutting-edge company like Formant to bring the power of computer vision to robots.”

In addition to Formant’s features like teleoperation, fleet management, and default data visualizations, Formant helps customers extend their robotics capabilities through easy-to-use APIs that work seamlessly with alwaysAI computer vision applications. Together, Formant and alwaysAI will bring robotic vision to reality for customers in construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, and retail.

“In the context of robotics, analytics is essentially turning raw data originating from robots into insights for making better decisions,” said Jeff Linnell CEO of Formant. “With the addition of computer vision, Enterprises are now getting even better, more intelligent information to act on.”

About alwaysAI®
alwaysAI® provides developers and enterprises a comprehensive platform for building, training, deploying, and managing computer vision applications on IoT devices. We make computer vision come alive on the edge – where work and life happen.

About Formant
Formant was founded by software engineers, roboticists, and product managers from leading technology companies with the mission to bridge the gap between autonomous systems and the people running them.

Contact information:
Dalton Varney
Senior Director of Business Development


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