Land Topography Corporation Becomes a California Licensed Land Surveyor

Summary: Land Topography Corporation was established as an engineering consultant firm in Los Angeles. Recently, the company announced the expansion of its service after becoming a California-licensed land surveyor.

Woodland Hills, Los Angeles–(Newsfile Corp. – September 28, 2022) –  Land Topography Corporation is an engineering consulting firm located in Los Angeles. In the latest development, the company has announced the expansion of its services after becoming a California-licensed land surveyor. Land Topography Corporation marks the completion of a five-year strategic plan to modernize land surveying services via technology. The newly launched services of Land Topography Corporation include the following surveying features:

● Topographic surveying

● Boundary surveying

● Construction staking

● Subdivision survey


Furthermore, Land Topography Corporation has been in the field since 2014. The company is serving its clients in the Los Angeles area by customizing their requirements. With the use of the company’s platform, ALTA Surveys are always sent to commercial brokers, architects, banks, and developers in a matter of days rather than weeks. The company has also split its surveying operations into four different departments, each offering specific services in residential, commercial, land use, or building construction.

Clients of Land Topography Corp vary from individuals with sought-after single-family homes to savvy real estate agents in need of commercial project expertise that can rapidly deliver and expand with their growing inventory. Top areas of services include topographic surveying, boundary surveying, construction staking, subdivision survey, GIS, etc.

In addition to that, Land Topography Corporation has progressed after the expansion. The months after Covid were very successful for the business, and the staff expanded to its size. The expanding team needs square footage so that everyone can have their workstation. The firm is looking to find the ideal location for its second office in LA; however, it is proving to be a more time-consuming endeavor than first anticipated.

Upon considering the area’s projected expansion, it is planned to expand its presence in LA. The firm’s board members have decided that the new LA office will be headed by one of the Senior Surveyors, and the name will be announced later.

About Land Topography Corporation

It is an engineering consulting agency that offers its services in land surveying. Before 2017, they used to provide drafting services. The company’s latest growth expands its services by incorporating new technologies, including instruments like RTK GPS receivers and drones for a faster and more accurate survey of properties on the hillside and steep areas. For this, they trained new employees and created a field crew. The company also allocates workload based on project needs and employee skill sets for optimal output.

About the Founder – CEO Cyrus Azarmy

The CEO of Land Topography Corporation, Cyrus Azarmy, is an artist and engineering consultant. After seeing land surveying businesses close their doors in the wake of the recession that began in 2007, Cyrus staked his company’s future on disrupting outdated business models and implementing technological solutions to meet customer needs. After five years, the firm has built the concept into a useful enterprise-wide platform that automates processes and handles individual assignments.

Potential clients and intending users must visit the official website for further information or avail of their services.

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