California Coastal Commission Deems Application for Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project Complete

The project application moves on to the Commission for consideration

MONTEREY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The California Coastal Commission announced that California American Water completed its coastal development permit application for the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project, a multipronged effort to increase water supply to the Monterey Peninsula through desalination, aquifer storage and recovery and a groundwater replenishment project in the region. The application details plans for site development and execution of the desalination related facilities.

“The Monterey Peninsula has been in need of additional drought-proof, reliable water supplies for more than 25 years,” said Ian Crooks, Vice President of Engineering for California American Water. “The project will protect the Carmel River ecosystem, supply new water for housing and jobs, and California American Water is committed to providing costal access and resiliency solutions for the Monterey Peninsula and the community it serves.”

The desalination facility will include a system of slant wells constructed on a former industrial sand mining site to draw unusable seawater and deliver that saline water to a desalination plant located in Monterey County. The desalinated water will then be delivered directly to the Monterey Peninsula for municipal uses within California American Water’s service area. Slant wells are the preferred method to obtain water for desalination since they draw ocean water from beneath the coastal subsurface, which avoids harm to the environment and marine life.

“The California Coastal Commission has publicly stated support for desalination as part of the state’s water resiliency effort and we are proud of the work that has gone into the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project to meet the needs of our community,” Crooks said. “This effort has been thoroughly vetted by stakeholders and water supply experts and meets all the criteria needed to bring reliable and sufficient water supply to families and businesses along the Monterey Peninsula for today’s generation and the next.”

Due to water shortages, a building moratorium has been in place on the Monterey Peninsula, resulting in job loss and limited housing for people in the region.

“The Monterey Peninsula is facing a serious water shortage that is only growing worse due to drought and climate change and is significantly impacting the region’s ability to build housing for families and supply businesses with necessary water,” said Mary Ann Carbone, Mayor of Sand City. “Our community desperately needs a new water supply. The future of our region is tied to the water security desalination will provide.”

“The Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project will help boost the local economy and create more than 1,700 jobs, including more than 200 in the cities of Marina and Seaside,” said Manny Pinheiro of the Monterey and Santa Cruz Building and Construction Trades. “Without a reliable water source, the region faces economic hardship unlike what we have experienced before. We need fair wage jobs and opportunity for workers in our community and thanks to the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project, we can see a future with new water resources and restoration to the Carmel River.”

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