FortKnoxster Announces Launch of DieFi(TM)

Gibraltar, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – September 30, 2022) – Following the remarkable work in securing digital assets, FortKnoxster is launching DieFi: the unique and innovative platform which secures digital assets.

The latest innovation by FortKnoxster solves a problem that has been burning in the minds of the crypto community since the genesis of digital assets. 

What is DieFi?

DieFi is a platform for automated beneficiaries for all owners of digital assets. If a user fails to log in to their FortKnoxster account for a period of a year or for a period that is specified by users themselves, DieFi enables users to create a beneficiary testament that will be automatically activated. This automation is triggered by a “Dead man’s switch.”

The information that is required is the beneficiary’s first and last name, date of birth, nationality, and email address in order to register them on the FortKnoxster DieFi platform. With the help of the ID verification partner, this data will be employed to confirm the beneficiary’s identification.

If they so choose, users have the option to automatically email the beneficiary throughout the beneficiary assignment procedure to inform them that they have been named a beneficiary.

Whenever the dead man’s switch timer is activated, an automated email message is delivered to the beneficiary, who can then start the process of restoring, which entails careful ID verification measures. Each time a wallet owner logs into their account, the dead man’s switch is restarted and prolonged to a year. This timer can be altered by the wallet owner if they have FortKnoxster Platinum.

Only the intended receivers have access to all encrypted document and wallet registrations. After your beneficiaries get into the account, they can view all the documents written up by the original user and even access uploaded videos and other content.

DieFi Main Features

The key features of DieFi are:

  • Store Wallet Information – all credentials and details from trading to custodial and non-custodial wallets, all encrypted, all in one place!
  • Crypto Beneficiaries – should you not be able to access your holdings, DieFi makes sure whomever you appoint as a beneficiary will!
  • Dead Man’s Switch – the timeline of contacting appointed beneficiaries is in your hands!
  • ID Verification – Your beneficiaries will go through the rigorous real-time face and ID scans, as well as countless automated background security checks for the purposes of fraud elimination!
  • NFTs – your NFT portfolio can be displayed, managed, and organized in a multi-chain scope!

FortKnoxster will launch what is considered to be the most sought-after and significant innovations in the history of digital assets and blockchain on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.


Niels Klitsgaard


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