Loko Ai Partners With Goodwin Co, Launches Fulfillment Automation Lab In Orange County

LOS ANGELES, CA. (September XX, 2022) – Loko AI, a pioneer in Autonomous Systems using Artificial Intelligence that aims to provide fulfillment and safety automation to the supply chain, logistics, communities and schools through real-time human behavior and risk management recognition, closed talks with Goodwin Company and launches a state-of-the-art fulfillment automation laboratory. 

Goodwin, based in Garden Grove, CA, is a 5th generation, family-owned and operated bulk liquid packaging, and blend company. Founded in 1922 and celebrating their 100-year anniversary, Goodwin provides chemical blending, contract manufacturing, liquid filling and packaging, chemical bulk handling, product fulfillment and warehousing services. Goodwin operates two large facilities in Garden Grove and Atlanta, GA with over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space and over  750,000 gallons of chemical blending capacity.

Goodwin’s headquarters in Orange County will transform into a real-time fulfillment automation laboratory with the Loko Advanced Projects (LAP) initiative. LAP aims to solve the world’s toughest problems across customer fulfillment operations, logistics, and supply chain solutions using machine learning and data analytics. 

“As Goodwin looks to the future, automation and data analytics are key technologies that will help improve costs, drive customer satisfaction and increase employee success. Our partnership with Loko and the launch of Advanced Projects here at our headquarters is Goodwin’s commitment to continuously add value, innovate, reinvest, and pave the road for the next 100 years.” said Don Goodwin, President, Goodwin Company.

As part of the LAP initiative, Goodwin will be outfitted with the latest version of Loko AI’s Caretaker system, the world’s most advanced AI computer vision tool. The system will autonomously monitor the manufacturing and product lines, collect human task metrics, detect potential safety and operational hazards, and display actionable data in a custom dashboard using IP cameras. New capabilities are in development for autonomous quality control inspection, human and machine interaction, path optimization and complete operational task metrics.

Caretaker’s real-time data platform reduces costs by up to 70% and improves productivity by up to 50%. Loko’s technology is helping Goodwin achieve 100% visibility into their manufacturing lines and “Best-in-Class” service for the bulk chemical manufacturing community.

“Goodwin has built a legacy business over a century, that’s hugely inspirational and aspirational for us as a growing startup,” said Joseph Zaki, CEO and Founder of Loko AI. “The need for real-time actionable data on the warehouse floor is a necessity to unlock all of the insights needed to save costs and optimize for the future. We’re incredibly proud to launch Loko Advanced Projects with Goodwin as our trusted partner and can’t wait for our customers to experience the lab in person here in Orange County.”

About Loko AI

Based in Irvine, California, Loko AI is a pioneer in Autonomous Systems using Artificial Intelligence that aims to provide security and safety to the supply chain, essential businesses, communities, and schools through real-time human behavior and risk management recognition.

For more information, visit Loko AI, and follow on LinkedIn.

About Goodwin Company

The Goodwin Company, based in Garden Grove, California, is a family-owned and operated bulk liquid packaging company that specializes in the automotive appearance, automotive additive, household cleaners, and industrial cleaners’ industries.

For more information, visit Goodwin Company and follow on LinkedIn.

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