Team Innovation Minds cracked the code to end quiet quitting – New version 1.5 is now available

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Innovation Minds, a Silicon Valley-based company, has timely released a new version of the Innovation Minds Enterprise. The platform is a holistic employee experience cloud solution designed to help enterprises conquer the recent workforce challenges including quiet quitting, great resignation, and a looming recession.

According to Innovation Minds, many companies are still using outdated & siloed engagement and innovation strategies and tools that do not take into account the changing dynamics of the workforce. With this in mind, Team Innovation Minds revamped its solution to revolutionize the way companies think about innovation and engagement by introducing the latest technologies and the newest approaches creatively. In addition, by making workers’ day-to-day work more engaging and exciting through innovation.

“It’s no secret that we have a serious problem with disengaged workers,” said CEO Bala Balasubramaniam. “However, our cloud-based employee experience solution is the first complete solution on the market that helps companies eliminate this problem altogether, while also changing the dynamics from a management push to an organically pulling or drawing in employees to engage and innovate.”

“The current working environment is not conducive for creativity and innovation,” he added. He went on to say, “while most solutions focus on one aspect of disengagement at a time—such as pulse surveys, peer-to-peer recognition, and learning & development—Innovation Minds can tackle all these aspects of disengagement in-one-go through our solution.”

The average employee spends about 80% of their time at work on transactional tasks such as their primary job responsibilities, 1:1 meetings with peers, team meetings for brainstorming & collaboration, coffee breaks, lunch, and restroom breaks. Innovation Minds brings in a novel approach to transform these mundane tasks into immensely engaging and exciting moments for employees.

The solution offered by Innovation Minds is a cloud-based employee experience platform that houses multiple tools to set your employees up for success, such as a Virtual Water Cooler Space, Collaborative Project Management, Virtual Whiteboards, Calendar Integrated 1:1s, eNPS, Personality Insights, Rewards & Recognition, Innovation Sprint, AI, Analytics & Insight, and more.

It also provides organizations with a way to organically share ideas across different departments and divisions at any time, so they can improve their processes and make better decisions while doing so. Not only that, but the platform also helps them make better use of resources such as time and money, as well as provide more accurate information regarding employee performance on all levels.

“With our cloud-based solution, they’ll be able to attract top & diverse talent and improve employee retention rates, and engagement levels. That’s why we’re proud to offer our customers a product that will help them solve all these problems once and for all,” said Bala.

With this new & improved solution, many of the Innovation Minds clients are able to achieve a 4-5x boost in employee engagement and enterprise innovation. If you want to achieve similar results for your organization, Team Innovation Minds is just a phone call away!

Let’s solve all these challenges together because we can!

Bala Balasubramaniam, CEO, Innovation Minds. +1 408 605 8471, [email protected]  

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