Commerce Layer Partners With Rapha to Make Any Moment Shoppable

World-renowned cycling apparel brand to future-proof its ecommerce with composable commerce

PRATO, Italy, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Commerce Layer, the ecommerce software provider that empowers brands and retailers to sell anything through any digital channel globally, today announced a partnership with Rapha, the world’s leader in cycling apparel, to build new and exciting digital shopping experiences across its global business.

Revenue opportunities often lie in new markets. But traditional monolithic ecommerce platforms present a number of hurdles to brands as they look to expand to new markets, including building and maintaining a new site for each local market, lack of customization opportunities for selling, poor site performance, currency conversion fees, and more. Rapha’s partnership with Commerce Layer comes at a critical time as it looks to expand sales on existing and future digital channels, enable more personalization for the products it sells, and grow across its international markets.

“Rapha’s purpose is to inspire the world to live life by bike. By partnering with Commerce Layer and migrating our ecommerce platform, we will be able to create unique and exciting customer shopping journeys for cyclists all around the world,” said Andy Berks, Chief Digital Officer of Rapha. ”Commerce Layer presents a new and individual approach to ecommerce through smartly separating commerce data from creative content. This enables Rapha complete control over our digital channels through which we can deliver an exceptional, local and relevant experience for all.”

As one the world’s top cycling apparel brands, Rapha has outfitted countless cycling novices to the world’s most well-known cycling teams and WorldTour professionals. Its apparel continues to grow in popularity across the globe due to its comfort, performance and style. As Rapha looks to continue expanding internationally, Commerce Layer helps Rapha to:

  • Create shoppable moments on any digital platform: Website, social media, streaming, chat, and more – with Commerce Layer’s 400+ APIs and 30+ endpoints, there are infinite possibilities for selling.
  • Future-proof its ecommerce presence: Commerce Layer’s hundreds of APIs allow Rapha to take advantage of any new digital channel, including its website, mobile apps, and even untested spaces like augmented reality, the Metaverse, NFTs, and more.
  • Enhance and expand how it sells products across the globe: Rapha can configure market-specific rules to create localized price lists and inventory strategies, all managed from a single instance and without currency conversion fees.
  • Easily manage personalized promotions and pricing: Customized promotions based on individual shopping history can be easily created and built by development teams. If the marketing team can dream it, the development team can make it.
  • Enable zero-lag shopping experiences: Inventory availability is synced in real-time and pages load faster compared to monolithic ecommerce platforms.

“Commerce Layer’s platform is built to be as flexible, scalable, and extensible as possible,” said Filippo Conforti, CEO and co-founder of Commerce Layer. “Rapha’s team can now focus on designing new customer experiences and delivering new business value instead of getting bogged down with time-consuming and frustrating maintenance.”

Rapha selected Commerce Layer over leading ecommerce solutions. It will work with other Commerce Layer partners including Contentful and Cloudinary to manage content and serve as its composable digital asset manager.

About Commerce Layer
Commerce Layer helps companies sell their merchandise through any digital channel (web, app, voice, IoT, etc.) by using the Commerce Layer’s API. With an API-first solution, and an entire suite of developer tools, Commerce Layer customers can scale their businesses into multiple markets with ease.

About Rapha
Rapha’s purpose is to inspire the world to live life by bike. Founded by Simon Mottram in London in 2004, Rapha is the world’s first and finest cycling clothing brand. Rapha’s products have redefined comfort, performance, and style for cyclists from absolute beginners to WorldTour professionals. With innovative products designed for all types of terrain and rigorously tested around the world, we aim to improve the riding experience for everyone.

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