Mineral Project Source Launches as an Innovative Marketplace for Mineral-Exploration and Mining Projects

BETHESDA, MD, Oct 14, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Mineral Enterprises, LLC, (the “Company”) is pleased to announce the launching of a new online marketplace for mineral-exploration and mining projects worldwide. The new website, www.mineralprojectsource.com, offers an innovative, low-cost platform for holders of mineral exploration and mining projects seeking to lease, joint-venture or sell to link with shoppers from mining and exploration companies.

Subscribers contact vendors and review detailed project summaries and reports at no additional cost. There are also no finder’s fees. A major and unique feature of this new platform is that projects are posted to a robust GIS-style map containing worldwide mine, mineral-occurrence, geology and claim datasets.

During the introductory period through December 31, 2022, and to grow the project portfolio, all subscriptions for vendors and shoppers for up to 12 months are free for the initial term.

Benefits for Project Vendors:

– Market projects for lease/option, joint venture or sale to an international audience
– Advertise projects of any level, from early-stage exploration to active mining operations
– Bring attention to assets on the map, even if you’re not marketing them
– Provide detailed project information to shoppers using a comprehensive fill-in form, including the option to upload images and a report
– Use the map interface with worldwide geology, mineral occurrence, mine and mining-claim datasets
– Shoppers can access project details by clicking the location icon on the map or by searching by commodity, location and deposit type
– Projects may be “Featured” for increased visibility, including a more conspicuous location icon on the map, priority appearance on searches and a project card on the home page Featured carousel
– Low fees for 6-and 12-month project postings, with the flexibility to choose different terms for each project
– Manage projects on a dashboard

Benefits for Project Shoppers and Explorationists

– Search for projects using the GIS map interface with worldwide geology, mineral-occurrence, mine and mining-claim datasets to place projects in geologic and geographic context
– Search the project database by commodity, deposit type and location in addition to using the map
– Access detailed project summaries, reports and images at no additional cost; summaries include information on owner/vendor, land tenure, location, desired deal, geology, exploration and production history, resource/reserve data and infrastructure
– Contact vendors by email directly at no additional cost
– Never pay finder’s fees to the Company
– Take advantage of the GIS map interface for your general exploration work even if you are not actively shopping for projects
– View as many projects as you like for one, low 6-or 12-month subscription fee
– Save projects of interest to your dashboard for quick access

Jake Margolis, President of the Company, stated: “Our technical team has developed MineralProjectSource.com with the aim of creating a professional marketplace suitable for all explorationists, from individual prospectors to major mining companies. It provides a unique map interface allowing projects to be placed in context geologically and with respect to other mineral deposits, mining claims and land use. We are continually adding datasets. There are currently about 1.2 million mineral occurrences, and there’s detailed geology for more than 50 countries. What’s great about the site is that the map can be used for general exploration purposes, even if someone is not actively shopping for projects.”

Mineral Project Source invites projects of all non-fuel commodities, globally. Legends for the deposit-occurrence datasets have been optimized for consistency and for highlighting commodities of current interest, such as gold, lithium, graphite, cobalt and rare earths.

For more information, to register or to become a vendor or shopper at no charge through December 31, 2022, visit www.mineralprojectsource.com. Use coupon code MPSStarter at checkout to receive the 100% discount on all project postings and shopper subscriptions. The website provides additional information for this discount on the “Announcements” page, and the “How it Works” page provides information on how to post projects and contains a sample of the project form.

About Mineral Enterprises, LLC

The Company is a private Maryland USA corporation that owns www.MineralProjectSource.com, a marketing platform for mineral-exploration and mining projects. The Company’s principal business is the development and operation of www.mineralprojectsource.com.

For further information please contact:

Jacob Margolis

SOURCE: Mineral Enterprises, LLC

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