Regenerative Rising Announces New Executive Director, Nisha Mary Poulose

Founder and former executive director Seleyn DeYarus joins board, takes on new role as chief business development officer for LookINTO

LONGMONT, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regenerative Rising, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, announced the appointment of Nisha Mary Poulose as the executive director, as Seleyn DeYarus, founder, joins the Board of Directors.

Regenerative Rising, a powerful voice in the regenerative movement, is recognized for its summits, which feature diverse speakers and bring scientific, outcome-oriented communities together with the food and fashion industries to tackle climate change. Through its programming, the organization inspires people to embrace a living systems worldview, supports leaders in adopting regenerative principles, and strives to create safe spaces for growth and exchange.

Poulose is an award-winning architect and regional planner from India whose work is directed by a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective of design, social impact and regeneration. Her career spans 14 years and three continents, with leadership experience in nonprofit and business sectors. She is a deep generalist and an integrator capable of thinking systemically and activating collaboration. She brings an abiding commitment to the planet, an approach rooted in nature and a vision for global impact through local action.

“Seleyn has a remarkable mind that can weave, connect and inspire,” says Poulose. “Regenerative Rising, born out of her phenomenal vision to change the way we inhabit the planet, is grounded in reality and has blazed a path that supports businesses and galvanizes cooperation. I am driven by that mission too, and it is an absolute honor to receive the baton of this bold organization from her, and I look forward to expanding its sphere of influence.”

DeYarus joined Regenerative Rising’s Board of Directors, alongside women leaders in several industries: Angela McElwee, venture partner, Springdale Ventures; Kelsey Scott, director of programs, Intertribal Agriculture Council; Clarenda (Farmer Cee) Stanley, CEO, and founder, Green Heffa Farms; Tina Owens, managing director- impact/ entrepreneur in residence, Applied Ecological Institute; and Esther Park, CEO, Cienega Capital. The board brings a wide range of expertise to the organization, including knowledge about Native American and Black farmer contexts, social and environmental business benchmarking, regenerative finance and farming, and working with land managers to promote regenerative agriculture practices.

“It is a rare moment when you meet a person who reflects your vision and values, much more rare to find them on the other side of the planet,” DeYarus said. “Nisha is that person, and I and our Board of Directors are honored to welcome her to lead Regenerative Rising into an expanded global conversation. To meet this moment in the human story, Regenerative Rising must cultivate holistic thinkers, inspire more courage and demonstrate inclusiveness of voices who have been marginalized for generations – that of women, of indigenous and diverse ethnic persuasions – the whole of the human family. Nisha holds this view and will bring exceptional rigor to realizing it.”

DeYarus has taken her vision of building accessible resources that encourage regeneration and has extended her reach from business leaders to consumers in her new role. She serves as the Chief Business Development Officer at LookINTO, a digital storytelling platform that aims to help consumers be more connected to the power of their choices.

“This role bolsters and expands on my lifelong passion for elevating a comprehensive understanding of what a holistic system looks like when it serves all players, including our natural resources,” DeYarus said. “My journey with Regenerative Rising has given me invaluable relationships in the food and fashion industries which are moving toward more regenerative business strategies that I can now bring to consumers.”

With Poulose at the helm, Regenerative Rising is set to expand its presence to Europe and South Asia, while deepening its North American roots. In the future, Regenerative Rising aims to bring together leaders representing diverse business and nonprofit sectors from around the globe, to address critical problems through complex thinking and collective action. In early 2023, it is planning a summit in the U.S., integrating a cross-sectoral leadership hackathon with the intent to catalyze regenerative solutions for real-world problems. It will also launch a sister cities initiative weaving a cross-continental practitioner community.

Regenerative Rising will continue to produce its podcast- “Elevating Voices, Activating Change,” which has captured the heart of its community, and also the well-attended biennial Women Leading Regeneration Summit. It will maintain the momentum of running current programs while furthering its commitment to support regeneration efforts in the United States.

Poulose’s extensive work at the intersection of climate, ecology and human habitat has led to a global network that is focused on regenerative action and innovation. She has deep experience in collaborative leadership and has worked with multiple grassroots, national and transnational organizations. She has also set up a successful design firm in India that bridges silos and integrates interdisciplinarity for planet-centric spatial planning. The last decade saw her in leadership roles in two interdisciplinary nonprofits that have been frontrunners in the climate, heritage, and ecology sectors. She has extensive expertise in bioregionalism and has recently completed a mapping program in South Asia. She is an Erasmus Mundus Scholar and has advanced double master’s degrees from universities in Germany and France.

Recently, the USDA announced recipients of its $2.8 billion in 70 selected projects under the Climate-Smart Commodities grants of which two grantee groups included Regenerative Rising as a contributing member. These two groups were each awarded $35M for 5-year programmatic designs.

About Regenerative Rising:

Regenerative Rising relies on the trust and support of its sponsors and grantors. Their key sponsorship partners are VF Corporation, Patagonia, MegaFoods, Applegate, GoodSam Foods, LookINTO, The North Face, Timberland, HB Speciality, Naturpedic, and Dr. Bronner’s. The organization also enjoys close collaborative relationships with leading nonprofits such as Savory Institute, Kiss the Ground, One Step Closer, Climate Collaborative, Rodale Institute, Mad Agriculture, Zero FoodPrint, Textile Exchange, Intertribal Ag Council, American Sustainable Business Institute, SoilCentric, and Green 2.0.


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