Standard General Sets the Record Straight Regarding Its Pending Acquisition of TEGNA

 Notes Misleading Assertions in Congressional Letter

Transaction Will Create the Largest Minority-Owned and Female-Led Broadcast Station Group in U.S. History and Yield Significant Public Interest Benefits

Standard General Highlights Commitment to Localism of TEGNA Stations

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Standard General L.P. (“Standard General”) today issued the following statement regarding its pending acquisition of TEGNA Inc. (NYSE: TGNA):

Standard General’s proposed acquisition of TEGNA will yield significant public interest benefits without any countervailing public interest harms, including creating the largest minority-owned and female-led broadcast station group in U.S. history. We were therefore disappointed to see the FCC petitioners enlist the involvement of Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Pallone by misleading them with the same false statements they have been making to the FCC.

  • While the Pelosi-Pallone letter decries the UHF Discount, the TEGNA transaction does not rely on the UHF Discount in any way.
  • While the Pelosi-Pallone letter complains of media consolidation, TEGNA will actually be smaller after the proposed transaction, creating the opposite of consolidation.
  • While the Pelosi-Pallone letter repeats the petitioners’ claim that Standard General will supplant local news content with news produced in DC, there is utterly no support in the FCC record for that claim and Standard General has made clear in the record that it will not.
  • The Pelosi-Pallone letter speculates that Standard General will cut station jobs at TEGNA, when in fact Standard General made a commitment in the FCC record that it was not planning any such actions — a commitment no prior FCC broadcast station applicant has ever made.
  • The Pelosi-Pallone letter falsely claims that Standard General stated several years ago that TEGNA has “too many employees,” when in fact, Standard General publicly protested TEGNA’s furlough of employees during the pandemic.
  • The Pelosi-Pallone letter speculates about the influence of foreign ownership, when 100% of the voting shares and the right to appoint the entire TEGNA board is held by a U.S citizen.
  • The Pelosi-Pallone letter speculates about “price increases on American families” when TEGNA, as a broadcaster, makes its content available to the public for free over-the-air. Only cable companies decide what price their own subscribers pay.

We are therefore very disappointed to see the petitioners’ package of misstatements at the FCC being used to also mislead our elected representatives into applying improper pressure upon the FCC.

Soo Kim and Deb McDermott have a proven track record of enhancing stations’ service to their local communities, increasing local news output, and investing in the resources that stations need to compete successfully. Standard General has increased newsroom staffing at its current stations by 28% since acquiring them in February 2021, while, in comparison, the employee headcount at other major broadcasters, including TEGNA, dropped during the pandemic. Soo Kim and Deb McDermott are committed to bringing that same dedication to competition and localism to the TEGNA stations, creating the largest minority-owned and female-led television station group in U.S. history and dramatically increasing minority broadcast ownership and viewpoint diversity.

The proposed TEGNA transaction complies with all FCC rules without the need for any waivers, divestitures, or special treatment. Standard General seeks nothing from the FCC other than to be treated in the same fashion as other applicants whose transactions were promptly approved in the past two years, including Gray’s acquisition of Meredith, which unlike the TEGNA transaction, involved a station divestiture to comply with FCC local ownership rules, and Scripps’ acquisition of Ion, which involved the divestiture of 23 stations to meet FCC ownership limits. The Gray-Meredith transaction was approved in less than six months, and the Scripps-Ion transaction was approved in less than three months. The TEGNA transaction has been under review at the FCC for almost nine months at this point, and the time has come to approve the transaction and unleash an almost 300% increase in the number of minority-owned TV stations in the U.S., bringing badly-needed diversity to the nation’s broadcast station ownership.

We continue to work collaboratively with FCC staff in their review of the proposed transaction.

About Standard General

Standard General was founded in 2007 and manages capital for public and private pension funds, endowments, foundations, and high-net-worth individuals. Standard General is a minority-controlled and operated organization. Mr. Kim is supported by a diverse, highly experienced 17-person team, including seven investment professionals with over 120 years of collective investing experience.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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