Giraffe AI Labs Participated in the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2022

Giraffe AI Labs is a digital financial company based in Singapore. Recently, the company has actively participated in the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2022 from the 2nd to the 4th of November.

Singapore City, Singapore–(Newsfile Corp. – November 29, 2022) – Giraffe AI Labs has emerged as a digital platform that facilitates its clients with financial advancements. In the latest development, the company has taken an active participation in Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2022, which ran from the 2nd to the 4th of November.

At the event, the team of Giraffe AI Labs exhibited the beta version of their metaverse platform. The beta version has been developed with TmaxMetaverse (CEO Kim Min Seok), and other team members in metaverse platform service, under TmaxA&C. In addition, both businesses signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) earlier in March to set up a metaverse-based financial AI platform. They are currently working to develop the metaverse platform to offer open communication financial services using the advanced technology of Giraffe AI Labs.

With the new developments, the company has designed, validated, and tested strategies running on a platform they provide with AI. The AI provided by Giraffes AI Labs is a blockchain social trading platform in Metaverse.

The COO of Giraffe AI LABS expressed his views about the new developments of his company by stating,

“Although we joined SFF with a beta version product, we received significant interest from our target market such as Singapore and other neighboring countries emerging in economy and IT industries.”

He further added,

“We would like to popularize secured social trading of traditional assets, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies on the platform with the quant algorithm verification technology of Giraffe. And hopefully lead the next chapter of the global financial market by providing ‘another me’, where users will experience a liberating service on the metaverse platform.”

The new initiative has liberated the company to take a step further and produce the Financial Platform on Metaverse. The company is facilitating its users with the following services:

  • AI Machine Learning
  • Platform Development
  • Building Quantitative Strategies
  • R&D for Hedge Fund
  • Trustworthy Platform

With these services, the company enables its clients to achieve required results between live trading and back-tests by factoring in real-life trading costs and market structures. They can access Giraffe AI Labs’ wide range of multi-asset, curated market data, including alternative and in-house datasets. People can deploy their trading strategies with complete access to automated execution and real-time feedback. The Assessment System by AI Machine Learning is also delivered to increase proficiency.

Consequently, the platform is designed to be an accessible all-in-one location to get its clients having back-tested strategies running live on the platform’s infrastructure.

About the Company – Giraffes AI Labs

Giraffe AI Labs has established itself as a financial platform company from Singapore. The company provides metaverse platforms in the global financial market by implementing AI.

About the Singapore Fintech Festival

Singapore Fintech Festival is one of the significant exhibition events in Singapore. It is considered the impactful and inclusive fintech event among the related industries.

Users can visit the official website of Giraffe AI Labs for further information.

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