Ionpath Showcases Real-Time Spatial Phenotyping Using MIBI Spatial Proteomics Technology at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer

Several studies highlight utility of Ionpath’s multiplexed ion beam imaging (MIBI) technology in spatial proteomics applications

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ionpath, a pioneer in high-definition spatial proteomics, today announced that the results of several studies enabled by multiplexed ion beam imaging (MIBI™) technology will be presented in posters at this week’s annual meeting of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC). Ionpath will also be featuring a first-of-its-kind data acquisition with real-time spatial phenotyping on the MIBIscope, shared via live feed at its exhibit hall booth (#200). The novel feature is part of the 24-hour sample-to-answer workflow. A demo of the novel AI-powered analysis portion of the workflow will also be available at the booth.

Ionpath’s MIBI technology system delivers actionable insights of single cells in their complex tissue microenvironment with the throughput and reproducibility required for clinical studies. The MIBI platform is based on highly multiplexed, quantitative protein imaging with unmatched sensitivity and true subcellular resolution. It allows researchers to visualize 40 proteins simultaneously, enabling deep phenotypic profiling and spatial analysis of the tumor microenvironment.

“Across the oncology and immunotherapy communities, many scientists have already produced remarkable new results and insights about disease progression and treatment response with MIBI technology,” said Sander Gubbens, PhD, CEO of Ionpath. “We are pleased that SITC conference attendees will have the opportunity to explore a few of these results in poster presentations and to see our platform in action at our conference booth for a better understanding of how high-definition spatial proteomics can support critical cancer studies.”

SITC 2022 Poster Presentations

Poster #89

“Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI) uncovers adaptive immune responses associated with clinical outcomes in oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma treated with neoadjuvant PD-1 inhibitor”

Raghav Padmanabhan, Hannah M. Knochelmann, Monirath Hav, Mate L. Nagy, Peng Si, Sweta Bajaj, Gregory B. Lesinski, David Neskey, and Chrystal M. Paulos

Poster #1292

“A reproducible pipeline for analysis of multiplex imaging (MIBI) data with application to uncovering novel features of the tumor-immune microenvironment”

Jessica Maxey, Marshall A. Thompson, Katie Campbell, Benjamin Kamphaus, Zaid Bustami, Sandra Santulli-Marotto, Daniel Wells, Silvia Boffo, Lisa M. Salvador, Philip O. Scumpia, Christine N. Spencer, Adam Schoenfeld, Antoni Ribas, and Lacey J. Kitch

Poster #1294

“An Automated Machine Learning Framework for Rapid Quantification and Analysis of Multiplexed Ion Beam Images (MIBI)”

Raghav Padmanabhan, Mate L. Nagy, Stanislaw Nowak, Peng Si, Sweta Bajaj, and Monirath Hav

Poster #1446

Multiplexed ion beam imaging identifies B-cell enrichment in the RHAMM-high invasive niche of breast cancer

Yuyu He, Grant M. Barthel, Raghav Padmanabhan, Colleen Forster, Hanna Root, Mate L. Nagy, Stanislaw Nowak, James B. McCarthy, Kathryn L. Schwertfeger, and Andrew C. Nelson

About Ionpath

Ionpath, Inc., is a pioneer in high-definition spatial proteomics, revolutionizing tissue imaging and analysis to accelerate medical discovery and improve human health. Ionpath’s MIBI™ (multiplexed ion beam imaging) platform breaks through the limitations of traditional immunohistochemistry, enabling a deeper understanding of the tissue microenvironment with highly multiplexed, quantitative single-cell analysis. With MIBI technology and the expertise of world-class pathology and data science teams, Ionpath provides actionable insights for translational and clinical researchers at leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research organizations in immuno-oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and infectious disease research. For more information, visit


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