Alphaledger Achieves Industry Milestone With the Recording of U.S. Municipal Bond Originations on Blockchain

Innovating in the U.S. Regulated Municipal Market

POULSBO, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alphaledger has recorded municipal bond originations on blockchain infrastructure in the United States, utilizing parallel recordkeeping. This milestone is the first step towards a fully on-chain life for municipal bonds, without needing the PDFs, faxes, and intermediaries required today. While Alphaledger is focused on origination, this first step sets in motion future smart contract capabilities, including on-chain clearing and custody.

Alphaledger has:

  • Recorded municipal security originations on blockchain; as parallel recordkeeping;
  • Recorded a secondary market municipal loan sale using blockchain technology; and
  • Recorded municipal loans on blockchain at origination.

Alphaledger has recorded three new issue municipal bonds onto blockchain infrastructure:

  • The Village of Fredonia, NY
  • Village of Frankfort, Herkimer County, NY
  • Southold Union Free School District, Suffolk County, NY

Bond market veteran and Alphaledger co-founder Tammie Arnold noted that these New York municipalities should be home to this important, public finance milestone: “The municipal bond market launched in New York state in the 19th Century in the drive to fund the Erie Canal, and we are honored to be the technology firm taking public finance into the 21st Century. With this technology investors can connect directly to fund projects from tens of thousands to tens of millions.”

With Alphaledger, permissioned blockchain infrastructure can now support critical U.S. public infrastructure. Alphaledger co-founder Manish Dutta noted: “Schools, water, power, roads – this is infrastructure vital to America’s growth which has been hard for investors to access directly in the traditional financial system. Alphaledger is built to provide greater transparency, traceability, and accessibility for towns and municipalities issuing bonds and to support investors seeking to access the returns they offer,” said Dutta. “This is the moment to make America’s future investable and accessible to all, and this technology makes that possible not in the distant future but right now, today.”

About Alphaledger:

Alphaledger was formed in 2019 to provide a direct, transparent municipal loan and bond marketplace that streamlines debt financing and increases direct engagement with investors.

Alphaledger was founded by three bond market veterans, Manish Dutta, Tammie Arnold, and Chris Wade; bringing decades of combined experience in the fixed-income market, spanning technology, product development and wealth management.


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