Intelocate Provides Industry-Leading Operations Platform to T-Mobile Premium Retailer Connectivity Source

TORONTO, Dec. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Connectivity Source, one of the United States’ largest T-Mobile Premium Retailers, has been seeing huge benefits in its partnership with Intelocate, a leading multi-location operations enablement platform, following organization-wide integration earlier this year.

Since its founding in 1999, Connectivity Source has grown to become one of T-Mobile’s most successful Premium Retailers, with hundreds of locations nationwide. The complex nature of the modern wireless retail industry meant that the business needed a better, more team-focused way to manage daily operations, and ensure the highest levels of customer service.

As the only operations enablement platform built from the ground up for the wireless retail industry, Intelocate delivers exactly what Connectivity Source needs. By providing a platform that offers major benefits to both head office and frontline staff, Intelocate enables wireless retailers to consolidate tools, operate with real-time location intelligence, and increase accountability across the board.

“The wireless market is very competitive these days,” said Jason Brandenburger, Chief Operating Officer at Connectivity Source, “and we’re serious about equipping our team with the best possible solutions to help them succeed. Intelocate is a partner that we can rely on to help us reduce complexity, get issues resolved, and tasks completed. This helps us to ensure we exceed our KPIs, engage our staff, and deliver the highest level of service to our customers. Since integrating the platform, we’ve seen major benefits across the entire organization.”

By consolidating multiple tools into a single dashboard that can be integrated with key data points from other systems, Intelocate simplifies day-to-day operations for every level of the organization. Frontline staff can access task assignments, communicate with managers and head office departments, view detailed guidelines, and report issues within seconds using the Intelocate mobile app, while managers can assign tasks, check compliance, and communicate with their locations with ease.

“We’re delighted to be able to help Connectivity Source take its operations to the next level. Intelocate has a proven track record among Authorized Wireless Retailers, and we’re excited to share our expertise with one of the most significant T-Mobile Premium Retailers. Telecommunications businesses everywhere are searching for ways to improve processes organization-wide, while consolidating the tools they use, and Intelocate delivers the perfect solution,” said Yulia Vasilyeva, CEO of Intelocate.

Intelocate has already helped Connectivity Source to resolve tens of thousands of reported issues and complete a similar volume of tasks since launch, in addition to providing head office with a 360-degree view of real-time organizational health across all locations.

“Wireless Authorized Retailers like Connectivity Source have to keep track of a huge amount of operational information,” said Tim McLaughlin, VP of Sales for Intelocate. “Not to mention all the information from T-Mobile required to keep employees and stores up to speed and knowledgeable. There are a lot of moving parts for retailers to manage, and Intelocate helps reduce the friction.”

About Connectivity Source

Connectivity Source was born in 1999 with the opening of its first retail location and has been rapidly growing ever since, operating wireless retail stores throughout fourteen states. Its success is based on its amazing team who provide sales excellence and operational soundness while having fun. For 18 years, Connectivity Source has had the honor of winning the prestigious Platinum Partners Award, given to the top agents.

Connectivity Source is proud of its reputation as a dedicated, consistent, and reliable advocate for our carrier partners. It values each customer, regardless of size, and strives daily to ensure complete satisfaction. The Connectivity Source team consists of hundreds of passionate CSNation members striving to serve its customers and to make those customers friends the #CSWay! For more information, please visit:

About Intelocate

Intelocate is the only operations platform tailored specifically for the wireless industry, delivering a single dashboard that helps empower and engage frontline staff through simple issue reporting and task management, providing an elegant, centralized communications platform, and ensuring your head office has the real-time data needed to make informed decisions. Learn more at

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