Radix and AVEVA Integrate Dynamic Operator Training Simulation of Commissioning and Operation Teams for FPSOs

Project Improves Safety and Operational Efficiency while Reducing Environmental Contamination Risk

HOUSTON, Dec. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Radix Software and Engineering has created a virtual FPSO training environment for a major operator with the goal of reducing risk in the asset commissioning phase by training operators aiming process optimization and validation of operational manuals.

The performance of professionals involved in the commissioning and operation of industrial units – specifically an FPSO – has been significantly impacted by the increased complexity of its units, equipment, and control systems. With this the risk of deviations in the execution of operational activities such as start-ups and shutdowns have increased, with impacts mainly on safety, environment contamination and operational efficiency.

RADIX implemented a Proof of Concept (POC) to assess the latest technologies in integrated simulators for FPSO using AVEVA tools for it. The focus was the development of training with the use of integrated simulators, for the operation and commissioning teams.

Simulation Results

In January 2022 was conducted the “Training in pre-operation and start-up of the FPSO Test Separator with the use of digital technologies”. The premise was that the teams could perform the following initial checks virtually, without assistance from the shipyard site: start-up to steady-state operation, occurrence of disturbances, shutdown procedures, failures in equipment and instruments scenarios, specific commissioning procedures, abnormal process conditions: changes in load characteristics or product specification and operation interlocks and emergency stop checks.

Activities included:

  • Pre-start-up alignment activities of the test separator.
  • Start-up activities and continuous operation of the test separator, with the virtual plant operated for more than 5 hours and producing more than 900 m³ of “virtual oil”
  • Test separator shut-down activities.

Commented José Ramos, Radix technical leader for the project: “The integrated development and training of these teams in the above-mentioned activities will have a significant impact on improving the safety, operational efficiency, and emission reduction aspects of our future FPSOs. With this we understand that the use of simulators integrated in the commissioning and operation of an FPSO is a solution capable of:

  • Optimize processes to maximize value creation.
  • Proactively adopt technological solutions as a performance lever.
  • Promote value generation and resilience in the transition to low carbon.”

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