Spiff Commission Estimator Empowers Salespeople to Have Real-Time Visibility Into the Impact of Quote and Opportunity Modifications on Commission

Updated tool provides immediate insight into the deals that will have the biggest revenue impact on the business – and on their checkbook

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#commission–Sales managers and salespeople lack real-time visibility into the impact changes to an opportunity or quote have on their commission, which can lead to them focusing on the wrong deals. To address that challenge, Spiff, the leading sales commission software for forward-thinking revenue and sales organizations, today announced a major enhancement to Spiff Commission Estimator which provides immediate visibility for Salesforce users into potential commission, commission earned, and attainment in Salesforce as they are developing quotes and opportunities, enabling managers and salespeople to have a laser-like focus on the deals that will have the most significant impact on the business – and deliver higher commission payouts to salespeople.

“Spiff Commission Estimator shows your team the reward before it’s earned, increasing motivation to close the deals that matter most to the business. No longer do salespeople have to wait until deals close to check statements or do back-of-napkin math to guess what they are earning – they will have visibility into commission directly in the sales cycle,” Jeron Paul, Chief Executive Officer, Spiff, said. “By motivating salespeople earlier in the cycle, the business benefits by having them focused on the biggest fish in their pipeline, driving more business revenue. It’s a win-win for the business, which increases morale and loyalty from salespeople at the same time it increases business growth.”

Spiff Commission Estimator brings data into the sales cycle earlier, improving behavior and focusing salespeople on the deals that create the most revenue. By improving seller visibility, Spiff Commission Estimator gives them a real-time look into what they can earn from a deal, which drives revenue quality. Just as critical, Spiff Commission Estimator can act as a talent performance tool, enabling greater collaboration between sales management and salespeople who are more motivated to chase big wins that are most important to the business.

For salespeople, Spiff Commission Estimator provides insight into:

  • How much they can make based on the opportunity and quote configuration, both at the plan level, right down to the individual rules that make up their plans
  • For specific products or longer-term deals, how much they are making at those levels to continue that momentum into other deals
  • How much closer they can be to achieving their personal goals

“Money is a motivator for all of us, but particularly for those on variable compensation plans,” Kayleigh Fields, Commissions & Quota Manager, TurnitIn, said. “It’s imperative that those employees have real-time insights into how they are performing and what deals are going to give them the greatest earning potential. Spiff Commission Estimator puts that information at reps’ fingertips right within Salesforce.”

About Spiff

Spiff is a new class of software that creates trust across the organization by delivering real-time automation of commission calculations and motivates teams to drive top-line growth. With a combination of an intuitive UI, real-time visibility, and seamless integrations into current systems, Spiff is the first choice among high-growth businesses. Spiff’s sales compensation platform enables finance and sales operations teams to self-manage complex incentive compensation plans and provides transparency for sales teams.


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