The Modern Data Company Launches DataOS®

Data Management Leader Delivers the World’s First Open, Multi-Cloud, Programmable Data Operating System, Empowering Enterprises to Drive Decisions at Every Level

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Modern Data Company today announced DataOS®, the world’s first multi-cloud data operating system that makes data simple for enterprises to drive decisions. Created to quickly operationalize complex data infrastructures, DataOS is a modern, open and composable data management platform as a service (PaaS) that provides total data visibility and turns data into insights that drive actionable intelligence.

DataOS is a first-of-a-kind data operating system that gives control of data back to enterprises that have traditionally been beholden to an array of point solutions through constant integrations. It breaks down data silos by laying on top of any existing data infrastructure to provide an interoperability layer to operationalize data to drive trusted decisions.

DataOS makes data simple in three easy steps:

  • It connects with all systems within the data stack without the need for integrations. DataOS enables access across multiple clouds and on-prem systems in a governed fashion. It abstracts away the data infrastructure complexity and allows users to manage and access data across ANY format and ANY cloud through a single pane of control. Because DataOS can connect to any system and can see everything that is happening to the data, customers get a near real-time view.
  • DataOS allows data developers and business users to access the data through a knowledge layer. The open standards approach enables developers to work with tools of their choice with respect to programming languages, query engines, visualization tools, and AI/ML platforms. DataOS customers do not have to upskill their workforce to run a modern data stack.
  • DataOS delivers data in formats fit for purpose to deliver advanced analytics, to power AI/ML and to rapidly experiment with and build data-driven applications. DataOS also enables secure and high-quality data exchange/data sharing with the business teams defining the trust and quality contract terms. No other tools allow customers to understand their data at the most granular level and also activate that data for various use cases in a complex data environment.

Enterprise Data Challenges Abound

Enterprise data has grown increasingly more difficult and costly to manage. Today’s varied and constantly changing data landscape includes challenges associated with the rise of the IoT, scarcity of skilled resources, as well as greater unstructured data volume and the need for data analytics across all departments. These shortcomings are often a result of piecemeal product- and tool-centric architectures that create unnecessary complexity – which is made worse by organizational barriers, data silos, systems integration difficulties, and a general lack of solution scalability.

“DataOS makes your existing legacy infrastructure work like a modern data stack without rip-and-replacing anything,” said Srujan Akula, CEO and co-founder of The Modern Data Company. “It costs significantly less, gives you complete control of your data, and makes creating new data-driven applications and services simple for developers and business users alike.”

About The Modern Data Company

The Modern Data Company is redefining data management with DataOS; the world’s first multi-cloud, programmable data operating system. DataOS dramatically simplifies an organization’s most important asset, its data, by decoupling it from tools, pipelines, and platforms. It puts data at the center of the enterprise and provides them the freedom to pick platforms used to manage data and the tools to operationalize it. Modern is moving enterprises from a tool- and platform-centric data architecture to a true data and user-centric architecture.


Lilly Savin

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