Tenchijin Harvested “Space Big Data Rice” in 2022: a New Variety Rice Adopted to Climate Change by Space Big Data and IoT Technology

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#climatechange–Tenchijin is thrilled to announce this year’s harvest of Space Big Data Rice, which is cultivated by climate adaptation technologies. Their fields of cultivation were chosen with satellite data and water management was done by combining satellite and IoT data through a strong partnership with Shinmei Co., Ltd and Enowa Co., Ltd.

The rice is available from December 7, 2022 at Shinmei’s store, “Komedokoro Yondaime Masuya” and at the “Space Shop” which sells space food and space goods.

Background of cultivation and sales of “Space Big Data Rice”

Rice had been fundamentally important for Japanese culture, as an economic linchpin and supporting Japanese households. However, production decrease has been a huge issue because of labor shortage, machinery aging and unpredictable and hot weather patterns due to global warming. Tenchijin, Shinmei and Enowa joined forces to solve these issues, especially to create a rice cultivation which is resilient to climate change by utilizing Space Big Data and IoT technology.

“Space Big Data Rice” initiative

Space Big Data Rice is an advanced rice cultivation that leverages new technologies. The production location for the original rice variety of Shinmei was searched based on Tenchijin’s land evaluation engine “Tenchijin COMPASS” and was decided to Tsuruoka city, in Yamagata prefecture, Japan, which has suitable characteristics for key factors for rice such as rain, temperature, and sunshine. Rice cultivation requires water supply and mild temperatures, which were automatically controlled by Enowa’s water management automation system, via smartphone.

This is the second production of Space Big Data Rice and it got the highest score on the rice deliciousness score*, which is a comparable score with the top brand rice in Japan.

*Equipment for the test: Shizuoka Seiki AG-RD Taste Meter

The project will expand the yield in 2023 and also will create new brands of rice all over Japan, which leads to sustainable rice farming and sustainable food supply.

Tenchijin COMPASS can be used for free by creating an account on the Tenchijin website.

If you are interested in customizing Tenchijin COMPASS or consulting on data analysis, please contact us at info-compass@tenchijin.co.jp

Access here for the details: https://tenchijin.co.jp/?hl=en


Tenchijin, Inc.

Yasuhito Sakuraba


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