Cogito Enhances Conversation AI, Bolstering Real-Time Agent Assist and Coaching Capabilities

Product enhancements include a combination of topic-based machine learning models, self-service admin for easy topic generation, real-time transcription with emotion AI markup, and PCI/PII redaction

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cogito, the leader in real-time coaching and guidance for the enterprise, announced its latest product innovations to transform real-time conversation intelligence in the contact center. Deployed to tens of thousands of agents, including a Fortune 25 telecommunication customer’s 30,000-agent workforce, the largest deployment of its kind, the suite of solutions creates a new standard for technology’s role in supporting contact center agents and team leaders.

Cogito’s Conversation AI is designed to complement its robust Emotion AI and Customer Sentiment CX models. The AI agent assist and coaching solution can detect over 200 voice and behavioral signals in speech and can effectively recommend how to respond when key topics of conversation are discussed. Specifically, the new features alert agents to helpful resources and knowledge articles to support the next best action in real-time. Further, the solutions successfully direct operations leaders and supervisors to manage and support their workforce, tapping into self-service admin portals and allowing leaders to adapt conversation themes by the line of business, team, or skill group. This control gives leaders the power to respond promptly given dynamic conditions in the contact center.

“Contact center agents and their leaders take the brunt of the service experience, with customer interactions becoming increasingly complex,” said Joshua Feast, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogito. “We view seamless integrated conversation AI and emotion AI capabilities as necessary to support today’s workforce. With over a decade of advanced R&D, we differentiate based on our ability to go beyond traditional speech analytics. Our unique combination of behavior insights and real-time natural language processing has culminated into a powerful agent assist and coaching platform that we continue to add to and expand upon. The conversation AI solutions announced today are another step forward for the company and our ability to deeply assist an industry that needs human-centered support and guidance.”

Key Features Include:

  • Robust Conversation AI Portfolio: Featuring conversational essentials providing a preconfigured conversation topics library of common topics and themes for supporting customers’ interactions with agents, including calls for service, sales, healthcare, and compliance.
  • Seamless Self-Service Admin: The new portal can better support the contact center’s needs by introducing, modifying, and adjusting conversational topics throughout interactions, with automated word and phrase detection. Administrators can adjust these topics using regular expression techniques.
  • Automatic Rich Transcripts: Using dual-channel audio, Cogito provides automated and accurate call transcriptions that include emotional context to aid in coaching to address customer concerns and drive upstream operational alerts. All transcripts are available to users immediately following every call.
  • Secure PCI/PII Redaction: Capabilities now include the automatic on-the-fly redaction of personally identifiable information (PII) across all calls, audio playbacks, and call transcripts. This is a state-of-the-art machine learning model that can automatically recognize and redact sensitive data and is reflected in all output. The robust sensitive data detection capabilities include a broad set of PII data classes and configurable blacklisting to remove terms.

“The latest feature enhancements underscore Cogito’s strong commitment to continuous innovation and growth for our market-leading real-time agent assist and coaching solutions,” says Craig Blake, VP of Product at Cogito. “A great example is our industry-first real-time redaction capability which is machine learning-based and redacts sensitive customer data live during calls, representing a major value add for companies leveraging our agent assist technology.”

For more information on Cogito’s latest product enhancements, click here.

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Cogito innovates with emotion and conversation AI to deliver real-time coaching and guidance to contact centers and frontline teams. Cogito supports agents and supervisors to improve effectiveness, experience, and empathy by providing human-aware and human-empowering insights. The world’s most well-known brands, including 5 of the Fortune 25, use Cogito to improve their connection with customers and elevate team members’ well-being. Founded in 2007, Cogito is a venture-backed software company based in Boston, MA. Learn more at

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