Elligo Adds AI-Driven Clinical Research Study Technology to Accelerate Trials

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#clinicalresearchElligo Health Research®, the largest healthcare-enabling research organization, has introduced DataAI Connect, a new data and technology platform that will enable rapid, data-driven clinical research. A scalable, end-to-end data platform, DataAI Connect creates efficiencies across the clinical study workflow — reducing human error and rapidly digesting patient data to accelerate clinical trials.

“The application of AI approaches to healthcare and clinical study data is moving from the moon-shot approach to more practical applications,” said Elligo’s Chief Data Officer, Michael Ibara, Pharm.D. “An example of this approach is the process of getting patients’ medical records, which involves manual, non-scalable activities such as getting accurate information on patients’ providers, asking sites to track down records, and having humans triage hundreds of pages of medical records. The judicious and intelligent application of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and other AI approaches increases speed, accuracy and quality, while removing the burden from the sites and patients.”

By bringing together data, processes, and clinical expertise, Elligo has created an industry first AI-driven platform that sources, processes, analyzes, and distributes patient real-world data (RWD) — meaning an end-to-end solution that solves the clinical trial challenges directly rather than being an add-on technology. The customizable, reusable platform includes:

  • A RWD repository of electronic health records (EHRs) and clinical data storage that integrates EHR, clinical trial, and patient data for analytics, AI, and research.
  • A complete medical records retrieval and analytics solution that transforms data in minutes into searchable, actionable insights and individual patient journey information through proper use of NLP, ML, and clinical expertise.
  • A data-driven protocol development service that tests designs in the real world.

For more information about how AI-driven technology is optimizing clinical data management and accelerating clinical trials through healthcare, visit https://www.elligohealthresearch.com/for-sponsors/.

About Elligo Health Research®

Elligo Health Research accelerates clinical trials through healthcare with access to over 150 million known patients and their HIPAA-compliant healthcare data, our IntElligo® Research Stack technology, and our PatientSelect identification and engagement model. Coupled with the largest Known Patient Access Network, Elligo’s Site Solutions enable healthcare practices and research sites to participate in clinical trials. By adaptive engagement of known patients and physicians, we accelerate the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device and diagnostic products.


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