Eisai Launches Renewed Sustainability Page

TOKYO, Jan 13, 2023 – (JCN Newswire) – Eisai Co., Ltd. announced that it has renewed the Sustainability page of its corporate website and it is now accessible to the public.

Sustainability Top Page

The Eisai’s Corporate Concept is “to give first thought to patients and the people in the daily living domain, and to increase the benefits that health care provides to them”. Under this Concept (also known as human health care (hhc) Concept), we aim to effectively achieve social good in the form of relieving anxiety over health and reducing health disparities. For realizing our corporate concept, it is necessary to implement corporate measures based on a long-term perspective under a well-cultivated governance structure. Therefore, it is extremely important for our company to contribute to the sustainability of society by actively addressing global environmental and social issues.

In order to provide information about our sustainability approach and activities in an easy-to-understand manner, we have enhanced the content, and renewed the key visuals, design and page structure. We have also featured our approach, targets and initiatives for improving access to medicines, which Eisai is focusing on, as well as the areas of environment, society and governance.

Through further efforts in our proactive disclosure of information for sustainability, we will aim to develop and maintain favorable relations with all of our stakeholders.

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