Miami-Dade Asset Division Attorneys McKinnon Legal Announce Same-Sex Divorce and Mediation Services

McKinnon Legal, a family law firm based in Miramar, Florida, is pleased to announce that it is now offering divorce and mediation services to same-sex couples in the South Florida region, including Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida.

Miramar, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – January 31, 2023) – McKinnon Legal, a family law firm based in Miramar, Florida, is pleased to announce that it is now offering divorce and mediation services to same-sex couples in the South Florida region. The firm has extensive experience handling the unique legal issues that may arise in these cases and is committed to providing supportive and compassionate representation to its clients.

“McKinnon Legal seeks to understand the challenges that same-sex couples may face when going through a divorce,” said a spokesperson for the South Florida Family Law Firm. “That’s why they work closely with their clients to find personalized solutions that meet their individual needs and goals, and provide them with the highest level of legal representation.”

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The firm’s website,, offers information on the divorce process for same-sex couples in Florida, as well as the rights and protections available to them under state law. In addition to divorce and mediation services, McKinnon Legal also provides assistance with a variety of other family law matters, including child custody and support.

Some of the unique challenges of the dissolution of marriage for same-sex couples which can have unique complications compared similar marriages of heterosexual couples can include:

Legal recognition: In some states, same-sex marriage may not be legally recognized, which can make it difficult for couples to obtain a same-sex divorce.

Division and Equitable distribution of marital assets: In cases where a couple has been together for a long time, they may have accumulated a significant amount of joint assets. Dividing these assets fairly can be challenging, particularly if the couple lives in a state that does not have clear guidelines for the division of assets in same-sex divorce cases. Many divorce attorneys are not equipped to handle the unique challenges that come from same-sex couple unions that dissolve, in part because there is often unclear guidelines as to which partner – if either – is owed anything like permanent alimony.

Child custody: If a same-sex couple has minor children, determining custody, parental rights, and visitation arrangements can be complex. In some cases, one partner may not be recognized as a legal parent, which can make it difficult for them to assert their rights to custody or visitation, a unique challenge in gay marriages.

Health insurance: If a couple has been covered under one partner’s health insurance, the divorce process may involve figuring out how to obtain coverage for both partners.

Pension and retirement benefits: Dividing pension and retirement benefits can be complicated in any divorce case, but it can be particularly challenging for same-sex couples in states that do not recognize their marriages.

Social stigma: Some same-sex couples may face discrimination or stigma during the divorce process, which can be emotionally difficult to navigate.

These are just a few of the challenges that same-sex couples may face when getting a divorce. It is important for couples to seek the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney who can help them navigate these challenges and protect their rights.

Recently, Christina McKinnon, founder of McKinnon Legal, appeared on The Attorney Post Podcast to discuss her practice and her approach to family law in South Florida. During the interview, Christina spoke about the importance of understanding her clients’ needs and goals, and working with them to find personalized solutions to their legal issues. She also emphasized the importance of compassionate and understanding representation for clients going through the often-difficult process of divorce and child custody matters.

In addition to discussing her practice and approach to family law, Christina also shared insights on the current state of the legal industry in South Florida and the challenges and opportunities that lawyers in the region are facing. Overall, it was a valuable and informative discussion that provided valuable insights into the world of family law in South Florida.

McKinnon Legal serves clients in the Miami-Dade County area and throughout South Florida, including cities such as Miami, Miami Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. McKinnon Legal’s South Florida office can be reached via their website or by calling (305) 416-0045.

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