Xvisio SeerLens™ One AR Glasses Use Multiple STMicroelectronics Sensor Technologies

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, at SPIE AR/VR/MR conference Xvisio Technology, an industry-leading XR core perception and tracking technology provider, and STMicroelectronics jointly introduce an enhanced model of Xvisio SeerLens™ One AR glasses product for enterprises. The upgraded AR glasses use state of the art image sensor and IMU technologies from ST. The SeerLens™ One is a USB-tethered AR glasses with Xvisio’s industry leading on-board vSLAM engine and industry-leading free form prism optics from Epson. ST’s sensor technologies are critical to the cutting-edge performance of the AR glasses. Xvisio SeerLens™ One supports off-the-shelf mobile phones, PCs, and Xvisio AR computing units. It’s durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The built-in microphone with AI noise cancellation and ability to recognize 25-joint hand gestures enable natural human-machine interaction. It works seamlessly with Windows, Ubuntu, and Android devices supported by the feature-rich AR foundation SDK from Xvisio for content development.

Xvisio AR foundation SDK unleashes compelling AR user experiences including spatial anchoring, super-imposition, map creating and sharing, 25-joint gesture control, and multi-user collaboration. It supports various enterprise AR applications such as field services, medical surgery, manufacturing SOP assist, remote assistance, logistics and transportation, and virtual collaborations or meetings. Xvisio proactively works with its ecosystem partners to enable such use cases for enterprise users.

The Xvisio Seer™ product family includes the SeerLens™ One HMD, SeerController self-tracking 6DOF controller, SeerSense™ 6DOF sensing unit for map creation and object tracking, and SeerPad™ AR computing unit. They are all in mass production now. SeerSense™ is available from Mouser and Digikey already.

Xvisio and ST will showcase SeerLens™ One AR glasses at SPIE AR/VR/MR conference 2023 at Moscone Center in San Francisco from January 28th to February 1st .

“We are extremely excited to work with ST on this new model of SeerLens™ One AR glasses product series. ST’s industry-leading BSI global-shutter image sensor and IMU devices with AI enhanced the performance of the 6DOF tracking in many challenging industrial environments,” said John Lin, founder and CEO of Xvisio Technology. “SeerLens™ One offers very compelling values to our enterprise customers who need more advanced 6DOF interaction capabilities than the basic HUD (Heads-up Display) products in the market at a much more affordable price.”

“We demonstrated Xvisio’s innovative XR and 6DOF tracking products containing our top imaging and sensing products to a broad range of customers and industry leaders at CES,” said Bharath Rajagopalan, Director, Strategic Marketing at ST. “The demonstrations were well received, and visitors were universally impressed by Xvisio Technology’s product performance.”

Please visit www.xvisiotech.com/product-center for detailed information or a product brief.

SeerLens™ One introductions video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFGtmiQ-uq8

The SeerSense product can be purchased from Mouser at https://www.mouser.com/new/xvisio/xvisio-seersense-ds80-module/

About Xvisio

Xvisio Technology is a global technology provider in XR industry with R&D centers in China, US and Europe. Xvisio provides best-in-class vSLAM based perception and tracking system solution for XR devices. It offers design service for XR product development and two major product series -The SeerSense™ sensor module series and the SeerLens™ AR glass series for Metaverse applications. To learn more, please visit Xvisio’s website: www.xvisiotech.com.


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