8 Not-So-Popular Opinions About Software Development

As a software developer, you are constantly learning and growing. With so many opinions on what makes good code, it’s easy to feel like you are always missing something. But what if some of those commonly accepted opinions were not as popular as you thought? In this blog post, we explore eight not-so-popular opinions about software development.

Docker Hub is Not the Only Registry

Ever since its inception, Docker has risen to become the most popular containerization platform. One of the reasons for this is that it’s very easy to use, and Docker Hub makes it even easier by providing a centralized place where anybody can find and share Docker images.

While Docker Hub is a well-known registry for storing and sharing Docker images, it’s not the only option. Other Docker registries such as Quay, Rancher Labs’ container registry, and Google’s Container Registry (GCR) also offer great features that can help you manage your Docker images.

To know whether Docker is the right option for your business, check out the JFrog Docker hub guide.

The Cloud is Not Always the Best Option

With the rise of cloud computing, it’s easy to believe that everything should be in the cloud. However, not all applications are created equal, and some may perform better on-premises. 

For example, enterprise applications that require high-availability and security may be better suited for on-premises deployments. Hence, it’s essential to evaluate each application’s needs and consider the cost of running it in the cloud versus on-premises.

Code Comments are Overrated

Code comments are often seen as essential to understanding code, but sometimes they are unnecessary. Well-written code should be self-explanatory, and comments should only be used when the code’s intention is unclear. Excessive comments can make code harder to read and maintain.

Frameworks Are Not Magical

Frameworks are often seen as a way to save time and effort when building applications. However, they can also add unnecessary complexity and make it harder to customize your application’s behavior. 

For example, using a framework to build an API can make it harder to customize the API’s behavior. Instead, consider using a microservices architecture, where each component of your application is built as its own service.

It’s important to evaluate whether a framework is the best option for your project and whether it aligns with your project’s goals.

Code Reviews Can Be Overrated

Code reviews are often seen as essential for maintaining code quality, but they can also be a waste of time. 

Reviews should only be done when necessary, and code reviewers should focus on the most important aspects of the code. The most important aspect of code is whether it’s working correctly. Code reviews should focus on ensuring that the application behaves as expected, rather than ensuring that every line of code is optimal or bug-free.

Code reviews can be beneficial, but they should not become a burden on the development team.

Pair Programming is Not Always Effective

Among the many techniques used to improve code quality, pair programming is often considered the gold standard. 

It involves two developers working together on a single computer, both actively coding and debugging the application at the same time. 

Pair programming has been shown to increase productivity for programmers of all skill levels, but it’s not always effective.

Some developers may find it distracting or difficult to work in pairs. It’s important to evaluate whether pair programming is the best fit for your team and project.

Tests Are Not Always the Best Way to Improve Code Quality

With the rising popularity of automated code testing in recent years, many developers have begun to rely on tests as their primary method for ensuring quality. 

However, this may turn out to be a mistake. While automated tests are an important part of any software development process, they can’t tell you everything about the quality of your code. For example, tests might not catch errors that only occur under certain conditions or in specific environments.

It’s best to use tests in conjunction with other methods, such as code reviews and manual testing.

Agile is Not Always the Best Development Methodology

Agile development is a popular methodology that emphasizes flexibility and collaboration among team members. However, it’s not always the best option. Agile can be difficult to implement in large organizations or when working with remote teams. It’s important to evaluate whether Agile is the best fit for your project and team.


In conclusion, software development is a field where opinions abound. While some opinions are widely accepted, others may not be as popular. It’s essential to evaluate each opinion and determine whether it aligns with your project’s goals and needs. By doing so, you can create better software that meets your organization’s needs while staying true to your development principles.

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