Giving Power and Insights Back to Your Credit & Debit Spending: Kasheesh Closes Celebrity Fundraise with Lil Baby, Michael Rubin and Others

Free digital platform allows anyone to split payment for online purchases across multiple credit, debit and gift cards to reduce interest rate and max-out burden, now issued by VISA.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ecommerce–Today Kasheesh, the first-to-market digital payment platform that allows anyone to split payment for online purchases across multiple combinations of debit and credit cards, continues its mission to help consumers shop smarter online. With new celebrity investors including CEO of Fanatics and serial entrepreneur Michael Rubin, Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Baby, FX’s superstar Snowfall actor Damson Idris, The h.wood Group co-founder and nightlife entrepreneur John Terzian and continued support from Super Bowl winner Odell Beckham Jr and his business partner Ajay Sangha, Tribe Capital, Anthemis, Sahil Bloom and Robin Wright, Kasheesh has increased its investments totaling $8.5 million USD.

Kasheesh believes consumers should have tailored financing options on purchases versus being forced to select just one source of available funds. Kasheesh’s free, web-based browser extension helps U.S.-based consumers across three main areas of online spending: reduced cost burden on individual cards per purchase, assisting in sustainably building credit scores and card rewards by utilizing any combination of cards versus just one, and maximizing financial privacy through Kasheesh’s unique auto-generation of a new encrypted VISA or Mastercard card number to use per purchase.

Launched in late June 2022 in the midst of an era where the cost of goods, services and healthcare have skyrocketed and general financial literacy still isn’t common knowledge to the masses, the company has facilitated over $40 million in transactions thanks to organic growth and without any marketing. Democratizing insights into the available cards each user has, Kasheesh has built a transaction engine that can instantly check and charge the account balances of the underlying cards before funding purchases, thereby removing its exposure to credit risk.

“Anyone with one or more debit or credit cards understands the burden of potentially maxing out their spending limit,” said Kasheesh co-founder and CEO, Sam Miller. “Kasheesh gives anyone the ability to look at and use your available funds across financial institutions, debit or credit, to make more informed decisions about which card(s) to use on specific purchases, while maximizing each card’s benefits.”

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) loans rapidly grew 1000% from 2019-2022 as a popular method for consumers to pay for goods if personal funds weren’t immediately available. Yet BNPL payment delinquency rates are considerably higher than those of credit cards. Since Kasheesh is not a financial institution or a loan provider in the way BNPL platforms are, consumers aren’t beholden to the risk and inconvenience of spending beyond their means. Further, Kasheesh is the first platform to take advantage of splitting payments, a decades-long brick & mortar hack, and bringing it online.

The Flexibility Using Your Own Available Funds

Kasheesh auto-generates a unique VISA or Mastercard banking “card” number pulled from debit and credit cards of a user’s choosing in order to split the cost of online purchases. Its many benefits include:

  • One portal for all your cards: Users can download the browser extension and utilize it the same way payments and reward-based shopping platforms are used. Once installed, users can upload the details of their debit and credit cards of choice, up to 10 cards.
  • The combination of cards YOU choose: Kasheesh allows users to upload any combination of up to 10 cards of debit, credit and gift cards and its proprietary AI helps suggest the best combination of cards to use per purchase.
  • Security: Kasheesh has partnered with Stripe and Plaid to verify each user’s proof of identity and funds for security purposes. All customer information stays confidential in this process.
  • Unique, encrypted digital number per purchase: In the age of digital credit card theft, Kasheesh maximizes shopping privacy by auto-generating a new and unique card number that is fully encrypted and untraceable per purchase so the user’s financial information stays secure. Funds are securely pulled from the debit or credit card (or a combination of) that shoppers want to use for payment.
  • Smart reward utilization: Kasheesh’s AI will automatically select from uploaded cards for payment that offer the best rewards based on the purchase. The generated card details are unique per purchase and work across any online ecommerce platform that accepts Mastercard.
  • Identity confirmation on YOUR name, not a bank’s: We look at every user as the same. We base our identity confirmation on SSN and not KYC regulation (since we aren’t a bank), meaning if a person has gotten married or if a transgender person wants to use their chosen name, there aren’t issues with dead-naming or having to change each subsequent card.

As part of its latest investment, Kasheesh has increased its team, including an expanded customer service, a head of partnerships, and other support staff to help with the growing demand in the face of BNPL. In addition, Kasheesh is doubling down on consumer education through its widely-read Finance Academy platform.

Kasheesh is currently only available in the U.S. and currently works on Chrome with expansion to other browsers including Edge, Firefox, and Safari soon. For more information and to sign up, please visit and follow us on social media: Instagram:, Twitter: @kasheeshpay and on LinkedIn.

About Kasheesh:

Kasheesh represents a new era for payments. Kasheesh is a first-to-market digital payment platform that allows anyone to split payment for online purchases across multiple debit and credit cards in any way they want, for free. We believe any shopper regardless of income and credit score should be able to consolidate spending power across their spending cards in order to optimize rewards and build credit with real-time transactional intelligence. More importantly, we believe unlocking the full potential of debit and credit cards will help consumers everywhere make more responsible spending decisions powered by analytics.


Chris Prouty, Chatter Republic for Kasheesh

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