Reorganizing Hitachi High-Tech Solutions to Strengthen Capabilities for Solving Social Infrastructure Issues

TOKYO, Feb 16, 2023 – (JCN Newswire) – Hitachi High-Tech Corporation today announced the reorganization of Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation on April 1, 2023, as part of the company’s priority initiatives to realize 2024 Mid-Term Management Plan.

Hitachi High-Tech Solutions aims to become a technology and solutions company that solves social infrastructure issues in broad sense including industrial sectors, with the power of sensing and control by focusing on the OT(1) business that provides solutions through measurement, control, and digital technologies, and the IS(2) business which focuses on railway inspection equipment.

Through corporate divestiture(3), Hitachi High-Tech Solutions transfers its businesses that provide hard disk-/FPD(4)-related devices and laboratory solutions in the IS business unit, and the ICT(5) business that provide digital solutions using network/cloud services, ECM(6) and IoT(7), to Hitachi High-Tech, and the Hitachi High-Tech Group will continue to strengthen businesses aimed at solving social issues with our core Observation, Measurement, and Analysis.

Creating Value in Social Infrastructure Fields

The Hitachi High-Tech Group declared our intension to create societal issue-driven value through our “Sustainability 2030” declaration and formulated the 2024 Mid-Term Plan in FY2022 by using backcasting from our Stated Aims for 2030.

As one of the major group companies, Hitachi High-Tech Solutions will focus efforts on fields where measurement, control, and digital technologies can be utilized to their fullest potential in OT business and aim to provide new solutions. Furthermore, in the IS business, the company will go on to increase the business value of our social infrastructure solutions by aiming to expand business areas from not only inspection equipment for railway tracks, overhead lines, and peripheral equipment, but also services including data utilization.

Part of Hitachi High-Tech Solutions’ businesses will be transferred to Hitachi High-Tech, with an eye to expanding the business and strengthening the management foundation by combining the technologies cultivated in fields such as hard disk inspection equipment and utilizing the digital human resources and capabilities cultivated in the digital solutions business.

In order to create new value by strengthening existing businesses and business-creation capabilities, we will continue to strengthen our ability to flexibly respond to changes and be willing to change on our own. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by solving social issues utilizing our strengths in Observation, Measurement, and Analysis.

(1) OT: Operational Technology
(2) IS: Inspection System
(3) Corporate divestiture: In this corporate divestiture, the decision has been made without an approval resolution at the shareholders’ meeting as allowed for in Japanese Corporate Law.
(4) FPD: Flat Panel Display
(5) ICT: Information and Communication Technology
(6) ECM: Engineering Chain Management
(7) IoT: Internet of Things

About Hitachi High-Tech Solutions

Hitachi High-Tech Solutions was established in 2014 through a consolidation of Hitachi High-Tech Trading Corporation and Hitachi High-Tech Solutions. We endeavor to solve customer issues and support their social and industrial activities by providing products and services based on core technologies, such as control, sensing, digital, and security technologies, as well as the ability to build infrastructure.

In addition to instruments and control systems, industrial instruments, analysis systems, and various digital solutions, the company also manufactures and sells ICT-related equipment and systems, railway inspection business, hard disk inspection equipment, and more.

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About Hitachi High-Tech

Hitachi High-Tech, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is engaged in activities in a broad range of fields, including manufacture and sales of clinical analyzers, biotechnology products, and analytical instruments, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and analysis equipment. and providing high value-added solutions in fields of social & industrial infrastructures and mobility, etc. The company’s consolidated revenues for FY 2021 were approx. JPY 576.8 billion [USD 5.1 billion]. For further information, visit

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