Global Tourism Forum is Ready for Its Sustainability Summit “GTF Earth” on March 30

London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – March 21, 2023) – The World Tourism Forum Institute announces the launch of the Global Tourism Forum EARTH Summit (GTF EARTH). The platform aims at enriching the sustainability think tank with all stakeholders who are acting directly and indirectly for sustainable tourism growth.

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GTF EARTH is an online summit. Its theme, “Travel, Protect, Respect,” conveys the message of greener earth through greener tourism. It will be launched on March 30, 2023.

Bulut Bağcı, President of World Tourism Forum said:

Global Tourism Forum Earth Summit 2023 conveys a clear message for this event – “Travel – Protect – Respect for a greener earth through the tourism supply chain”. This summit serves as a platform for all stakeholders to come together and share their successful sustainable practices for tourism development.

We believe that sustainability is the key to strategy and competitiveness in today’s world. The tourism industry must embrace sustainable practices to grow firmly and solidly. This will help us regenerate and differentiate our navigation approaches to tourism in the face of socioeconomic instability.

At this summit, we will explore how we can all work together to keep the Earth green. The global tourism industry is responsible for taking the lead in this endeavor. We urge you to take action toward sustainable tourism practices, as we believe that now is the time to act.

Focal topics of event:

  • Minimizing the environmental footprint of tourism operations, which includes reducing carbon emissions, waste, and water usage
  • Supporting local communities and preserving cultural heritage
  • Using sustainable transportation options, such as electric vehicles, bikes, or walking
  • Promoting responsible wildlife tourism and protecting endangered species
  • Encouraging travelers to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors and make informed decisions.

Sustainability in tourism is an essential topic for the industry’s future. GTF Earth offers an excellent opportunity for tourism businesses, organizations, and individuals to learn more about sustainable practices and how to implement them. Individuals can create.

The event will feature online keynote speakers and panel discussions from industry experts. It will also showcase sustainable tourism businesses and organizations, allowing them to share their innovative practices and ideas. GTF Earth Summit will be broadcasted on WTFI’s content platform WTFI Live.

GTF’s 2023 Calendar:

Global tourism will organize two large scale events in 2023. Leaders of industry, top politicians and decision makers will discuss hot issues of tourism on September 6th, in Brussels. On September 18th, the 2nd Blockchain for Travel Summit will be held in Abu Dhabi. It will bring the tourism industry and tech developers together and build a platform to shape integration of tourism to digital technologies such as blockchain.

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