LeanTaaS Announces iQueue Autopilot, First Ever Generative AI Hospital Operations Solution

LeanTaaS’ unique combination of award-winning AI, the largest hospital operations dataset, and 100+ team of change management experts will deliver a best-of-breed generative AI solution that unlocks “air traffic control” for health systems

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LeanTaaS, Inc., the market leader in providing AI-powered and SaaS-based capacity management, staffing, and patient flow software for health systems, today announced the launch of iQueue Autopilot. This first-of-its-kind, generative AI solution for hospital operations will provide hospital leaders with human-like conversations and actionable insights to support decision-making for patient flow, scheduling, command center, block management, staffing, and other capacity management use cases across both inpatient and outpatient settings. With iQueue Autopilot, LeanTaaS is bringing its vision of “air traffic control” for healthcare — managing patient flow and capacity optimization across the continuum of care on one single platform — to life.

Generative AI is projected to grow faster in healthcare than any other industry, with a compounded annual growth rate of 85% through 2027 according to Boston Consulting Group. The iQueue Autopilot solution will be used in all major areas of the hospital and integrated into LeanTaaS’ three products, iQueue for Operating Rooms, iQueue for Infusion Centers, and iQueue for Inpatient Flow.

“Our company and our technology are ready to help healthcare seize this moment. We have a unique opportunity to leapfrog older technology by harnessing AI to improve patient access, staff and clinician experience, and reduce staff burnout,” said Sanjeev Agrawal, LeanTaaS President and COO. “For decades, legacy IT systems and standard dashboards have simply admired the patient access, capacity issues, and staffing problems hospitals experience. Thanks to the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics — and now generative AI — we can give leaders, frontline staff, and clinicians dynamic solutions at their fingertips that proactively solve the biggest challenges facing hospitals today, including broken workflows and crippling staffing shortages.”

LeanTaaS is uniquely poised to quickly and completely deliver this real value to its customer base. It has the largest repository of normalized hospital operational data across 175+ health systems and across multiple data sources, including EHRs, workforce management, and bed management. LeanTaaS also brings market-leading AI/ML expertise in delivering actionable predictive and prescriptive analytics, which is empowering the company to quickly expand to generative analytics that will create even more value for hospitals and health systems. The iQueue Autopilot prototype, which will be tested by beta customers in the next 90 days, will provide digital assistance that drives actions through three different methods including:

  1. Lean Forward: The “Lean Forward” method of iQueue Autopilot allows decision makers to ask the solution for best practices and recommendations on capacity optimization management. As an example, nurses can ask iQueue Autopilot for up-to-the-minute staffing recommendations, hospital administrators can discuss case volume shifts, and perioperative leaders can chat with the solution about OR block and infusion center utilization best practices. Human-like conversations take place via desktop, smartphones, and tablets.
  2. Lean Back: The “Lean Back” method of iQueue Autopilot proactively alerts decision makers throughout the day to potential issues, like scheduling and staffing roadblocks. After flagging, the solution provides the user with best approaches and tangible recommendations on how to approach and solve issues. Flags are sent through email, SMS, and third-party messages.
  3. Moment in Time Problem Solving: This method provides real-time notifications to create awareness and action to a potential medical or operational issue. Decision makers can be notified of a risk in operating room, inpatient, and infusion areas if the solution detects deviations from standard processes and will provide mitigation recommendations before issues arise. This provides operational leaders, staff, and clinicians with the information needed to proactively flex other assets and resources to avoid any potential safety issues.

iQueue Autopilot is further validation that LeanTaaS remains on the leading-edge of solving the healthcare industry’s biggest challenges. Earlier this year, LeanTaaS announced the launch of Transformation as a Service (TaaS), a first-of-its-kind service that guarantees outcomes. Technology alone does not yield sustainable transformation, and this is going to be true with generative AI as well. Technology must be paired with change management experts who can guide organizations through disruption towards results. The TaaS offering provides each customer with a dedicated team that delivers the required services for implementing the technology, ensuring normalized data hygiene, automating and digitizing existing workflows, driving change management, establishing systemwide governance, and guaranteeing success.

LeanTaaS provides AI-powered software solutions combined with lean principles to transform hospital operations and increase patient access for over 175 health systems. LeanTaaS’ iQueue product suite unlocks hard-to-reach capacity in asset heavy areas of the hospital with its three solutions: iQueue for Operating Rooms, iQueue for Infusion Centers, and iQueue for Inpatient Flow. Each iQueue solution can be deployed remotely to drive better patient care through operational excellence by enabling dramatically more efficient use of resources and staff, shorter waiting times, faster discharges, and higher throughput. The iQueue suite powers over 625 hospitals across 4,600 ORs, 12,200 infusion centers, and 19,500 inpatient beds. On average, LeanTaaS customers see an annual impact of performing 30-50 more cases per OR per year, a mean increase of 6% in case volume; $20k/infusion chair; and $10k/inpatient bed.

Since its inception in 2010, LeanTaaS has deployed $350 million in invested capital and recently acquired Hospital IQ in January 2023, which now values the combined company at more than $1 billion in enterprise value. To learn more about iQueue Autopilot, please join us for the keynote session at the Transform Hospital Operations Summit on June 6.

About LeanTaaS

LeanTaaS provides software solutions that combine lean principles, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and machine learning to transform hospital and infusion center operations. The company’s software is being used by over 175 health systems across the nation, which rely on the iQueue cloud-based solutions to increase patient access, decrease wait times, reduce healthcare delivery costs, and improve revenue. LeanTaaS is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with offices in Newton, MA and Charlotte, NC. For more information about LeanTaaS, please visit https://leantaas.com/, and connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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