Tempo Revolutionizes Time-Tracking with AI-Powered Timesheets

The innovative technology halves the time taken to log hours, significantly increasing the efficiency and adoption of Product Development teams.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In today’s business world, understanding how time is invested is more crucial than ever. Companies need to be aware of how their resources are being used and where they could be better allocated. However, the process of logging hours has often been considered a tedious task. Today, Tempo Software, a leading provider of portfolio management solutions, is proud to announce a major leap forward in time-tracking technology — AI-enhanced Timesheets.

In a two-year development process, Tempo has successfully integrated artificial intelligence into its time-tracking app, Timesheets. This innovation enables users to log time with ease and efficiency, reducing the time taken to log hours by almost half, significantly improving user adoption. Since the soft launch of the AI capabilities in January 2023, an impressive 75% of customers have started using AI suggestions, logging their time almost 50% faster.

As the only time-tracking app with AI capabilities in Jira, the world’s most popular project management tool, Timesheets by Tempo provides customers with unparalleled visibility into their organization. The AI enhancements are backed by the largest time-tracking dataset available in the Atlassian ecosystem, with over 17 million worklogs and around 300,000 active users per month. Timesheets by Tempo integrates with Google and Office 365 Calendars, and popular editors such as VS Code and JetBrains, to automatically capture timesheet data where teams work daily.

AI models use this data to make context-aware suggestions. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications to view and recall what’s been worked on, leading to more timely and accurate reporting that gives leadership a clearer understanding of where time is being spent. This is a significant stride on the company’s journey towards eliminating the need for a timesheet completely.

The integration of AI into Timesheets offers myriad benefits, such as better decision-making due to improved data, optimized resource allocation, proactive project performance monitoring, and early identification of potential risks. With the addition of AI, the logging process is not only quicker and simpler, but the more extensive data collected also becomes more meaningful and valuable. Customers can derive even more from their data by adding Structure by Tempo, which brings together planned work in Jira and actual work delivered in Timesheets, and by tracking and managing CAPEX and OPEX with Cost Tracker by Tempo.

“Organizations are constantly dealing with change. However, without clear insight into how their people are operating day-to-day, it can be difficult to accurately make the pivots required to adapt without overwhelming employees or straying from strategic goals,” said Shannon Mason, Chief Product Officer, Tempo. “We aim to empower companies with correct data on their people, their skills, and their capacity. This allows them to better understand whether a project can be completed on time and on budget. With this AI integration, our customers can confidently automate time-tracking for accurate timesheet analysis and strategic planning.”

Following Tempo’s recent acquisitions of Old Street Solutions and LiquidPlanner, the addition of AI capabilities continues a pattern of innovation in strategic portfolio management for product development organizations.

Tempo invites current and potential customers to experience the power and efficiency of AI-enabled Timesheets. The company believes in empowering teams to own their time and leaders to gain a clear view of their organization’s capacity. To get started visit the Atlassian Marketplace and start your free trial of Timesheets by Tempo today.


Tempo Software offers integrated applications for time management, resource planning, budget management, strategic roadmapping, and program management for product management and software engineering teams. Our customers gain an unrivaled understanding of time and effort, and they improve how their teams plan and manage their work. This provides an aligned understanding of and plan for how time – the most precious, and finite resource – is optimized. Tempo Software is seamlessly integrated across popular DevOps tools and a natural and automated part of users’ workflows.

Headquartered in Boston, Tempo Software is one of the largest and most successful companies in the Atlassian ecosystem. With one out of three Fortune 500 companies choosing Tempo, the company has more than 28,000 customers across a range of industries in more than 100 countries. It works with hundreds of partners around the world, offering resale, training, and consultancy in local languages. To learn more about Tempo, visit www.tempo.io.


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