Ably Releases New Python SDK to Enable Realtime Functionality

Integration Enables Python Developers to Add Realtime Capabilities to Their Backend Services

LONDON, July 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ably, a Realtime Experience Infrastructure provider, today announced the release of a new Python Realtime SDK component that enables developers to integrate realtime functionality into their Python-based services, such as channel subscription and authentication via tokens.

Many developers today build server-based applications with Python, using REST functionality to publish data. While other languages may be better suited for client applications, there are scenarios where having a Python-based realtime capability can be advantageous, such as when two backend services need to exchange data before delivering it to an end-user application. While the existing Python SDK supports publishing to Ably channels, the new Python Realtime SDK allows developers to subscribe to realtime data through a persistent WebSocket connection with Ably. Developers can subscribe to channels, authenticate via tokens, and secure connections to ensure reliable data delivery, eliminating workarounds.

Take a financial data company that publishes realtime data from its server-side applications (highly volatile, e.g., stock prices). They publish this data to their customers, via Ably, who use it to provide a service to end users. However, these customers also have a Python-based server-side application (running ML algorithms) that needs to subscribe to data in realtime. This is now possible using the Python Realtime SDK to create a persistent connection with Ably.

“Python has become an essential tool in many industries due to its ease of use, flexibility, and vast library of pre-built modules,” said Matthew O’Riordan, CEO, Ably. “By providing an easy-to-use solution for integrating realtime functionality into Python backend services, Ably is helping developers to streamline their development processes and deliver high-quality, realtime experiences to their customers.”

Ably is a platform that offers dependable infrastructure at scale and APIs to enable shared and collaborative experiences. With Ably, developers from thousands of companies can effortlessly integrate customizable realtime experiences into their applications without having to manage or provision complex infrastructure themselves.

The Python Realtime SDK is available via PyPI. As an improvement to Ably’s existing SDK, Python developers can add ably-python as a dependency to their projects, similar to how they do today.

Click here for more information on getting started with the Python Realtime SDK.
Ably welcomes feedback from developers on their realtime use cases and how the Python SDK can be improved to enhance the user experience.

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Ably Realtime Experience Infrastructure powers the table stakes interactive experiences users crave, including multiplayer, chat, data sync, broadcast, and notifications. With just a few lines of code and no complex infrastructure to manage, Ably’s Realtime Experience Infrastructure, APIs, and SDKs let organizations create and deliver the rich experiences users demand at unlimited scale and with unrivaled dependability. Top brands like HubSpot, Toyota, Webflow, and more than 500 other companies trust Ably to power live and collaborative experiences for hundreds of millions of simultaneously connected devices worldwide.

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