Mode Mobile Launches Community Investment Round to Disrupt Smartphone Industry

Paying smartphones users for their data and attention, Mode is turning the world’s 7B smartphones into the world’s most accessible income-generating asset

Chicago, Illinois–(Newsfile Corp. – July 11, 2023) – Mode Mobile, creator of the world’s first EarnPhone™ – powered by Mode’s proprietary EarnOS™ – announced the launch of its community investment round today. The company is opening the doors to retail investors, including its community of over 40 million registered users who have earned and saved over $150 million since the launch of Mode Mobile.

With users across 170 countries taking advantage of Mode Mobile’s earning opportunities, the company has generated over $50 million in revenue to date. In addition to revenue generated via direct app downloads, direct-to-consumer subscriptions, and retail sales, EarnOS™ also offers digital advertisers unique opportunities to reach new audiences. Mode Mobile will also begin licensing and selling EarnOS™ to device manufacturers, a business model that has been a game-changing catalyst for publicly-listed companies like Roku.

The company sees its emerging category as a trillion-dollar opportunity that intersects three fast-growing global markets: smartphones, mobile apps, and digital ads. The exit opportunities in the industry remain favorable, as demonstrated by the highly-publicized acquisition of Mint Mobile (backed by Ryan Reynolds) by T-Mobile in March of this year.

Mode Mobile’s team comprises professionals from the world’s biggest companies, including Microsoft, Intel, Google, and Goldman Sachs. The company is venture-backed, and is now inviting retail investors to invest alongside seasoned angel investors and venture capital funds.

“At Mode, we’re pioneering a new way to utilize an everyday asset, turning smartphones into EarnPhones™,” said Dan Novaes, CEO and Co-founder of Mode Mobile. “Our passionate team is excited to expedite our growth and give our end users – the ones who are asking us to create this – a chance to join us for the ride. We’re turning users into earners, and earners into owners – it’s an incredibly exciting time.”

Funding from the community investment round will help the company scale its success, expanding boundless possibilities for the smartphone industry. Capital raised will be used to increase EarnOS™ & EarnPhone™ adoption in new markets and expedite the closing of licensing deals.

Mode Mobile’s community investment round is open to all investors, with investments starting at $450. Visit to invest in the future of the smartphone industry.

About Mode Mobile

Mode Mobile is a technology company unlocking the world’s most accessible income generating asset: the smartphone, paying users for their attention and engagement. Mode Mobile has over 40 million registered beta users across 170 countries taking advantage of its earning opportunities, generating over $50M in revenue to date. Users have earned and saved $150 million since inception.

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