ArDrive Unveils Turbo, a Blockchain-Powered Upload Service Redefining Permanent Data Storage

Powered by Arweave, Turbo Offers Unparalleled Security and Permanence

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ArDrive, a pioneer of permanent data storage applications, today introduced Turbo, a revolutionary upload service designed to enhance data storage accessibility and efficiency on the Arweave blockchain. Turbo dramatically streamlines the upload process, allowing users to pay for permanent file storage through simple credit card payments, eliminating the complexity of obtaining and using Arweave cryptocurrency.

With faster upload times, users maintain full control and portability of their data while benefiting from unprecedented convenience. Through one-time payments, users can bypass complicated subscription models and unforeseen fees typically associated with cloud storage organizations, ensuring their data is stored permanently for centuries. Turbo’s simplified payment process, swift upload speeds, and elimination of cryptocurrency requirements mark a significant leap in convenience and performance, empowering individuals and businesses with secure and permanent data storage capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to finally roll out Turbo to the world,” said Phil Mataras, founder of ArDrive. “Before Turbo, people had to use cryptocurrency to pay for permanent data storage. Now, anyone can easily use a credit card and access secure and immutable data storage, without any subscriptions or giving up a ton of personal information.”

Turbo gives users complete transparency and control over their data storage expenses. Turbo guarantees immediate availability of uploads, securely storing data on Arweave without delays and ensuring efficient processing and retrieval. By leveraging the power of the Arweave blockchain, ArDrive Turbo enables everyday consumers by offering seamless credit card payments for data uploads, eliminating the need to acquire cryptocurrency. Immediate availability of uploads ensures efficient processing and retrieval on Arweave without delays.

“Arweave’s permanent, decentralized ledger offers exciting new possibilities,” said Sam Williams, Founder of Arweave. “But until now it has been hard to access. Turbo brings a new level of convenience to accessing Arweave’s permanent ledger, and I’m excited to meet the new users that will come on-board with it.”

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