Cape Doctor Announces Dr. Bert Kirsten’s Nutrition Guide For Cape Town Athletes

Cape Town, South Africa–(Newsfile Corp. – July 14, 2023) – Cape Doctor has released a comprehensive sports nutrition guide for athletes of all ages, written by Cape Town GP Dr. Bert Wolfgang Kirsten.  With its newly released guide, Cape Doctor has made it easier for athletes to create a diet plan that will enhance their performance naturally and optimize recovery. The guide, written by Dr. Bert Kirsten, recommends regular intake of protein, creatine, and electrolytes to assist athletes in maintaining their physique and overall health.

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Cape Doctor Announces Dr. Bert Kirsten’s Nutrition Guide For Cape Town Athletes

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With four decades of healthcare experience, Dr. Kirsten has applied his extensive knowledge to provide an accurate source of medical information. His latest guide reflects real-life cases, offering practical sports nutrition advice and tips for joint mobility.

Protein, an essential nutrient for muscle building and repair, is thoroughly discussed in the new guide. Ideal protein sources include lean meats, fish, egg white, and tofu because they give athletes the protein they need without unnecessary fat and calories.

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The guide also emphasizes carbohydrates for their energy-providing properties before, during, and after workouts. Fast-burning carbs like white rice or whole grains are recommended pre-workout, and slower-burning options like sweet potatoes or quinoa for post-workout recovery.

Creatine, a naturally occurring amino acid, is recognized for strength boosting, recovery enhancement, and hydration, and is recommended for intensive training sessions. Dr. Kirsten states that it is an essential dietary addition for those intending to gain muscle mass or tone their physique. Natural sources of creatine include organ meats and oily fish like herring and salmon.

Electrolyte drinks, containing sodium, potassium, and other minerals, are cited for their importance in maintaining hydration during exercise. Additionally, the guide talks about the value of fast-acting carbs to help reduce muscle breakdown and decrease recovery time.

“Sports nutrition is an important part of any athlete’s diet. Eating the right food can help fuel performance, reduce fatigue, and aid recovery. Regarding sports nutrition, there is no shortage of options available. Whether you’re looking for a good protein source or an electrolyte drink, many products can help support your goals and fuel your performance. So whether you’re training for a marathon or just hitting the gym regularly, you must incorporate the right foods into your diet for optimal results,” Dr. Kirsten said.

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