CodeSee Enhances Platform with AI-Powered Code Understanding Feature to Revolutionize Coding Experience

Platform empowers developer productivity with the power of AI to deliver more code faster

SAN FRANCISCO, July 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CodeSee, the world’s only code visibility platform that helps developers understand, on or offboard, build, and refactor applications, today announced the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered codebase understanding feature. This brings the power of generative AI to developers to significantly reduce onboarding time for new engineers, improve efficiency in code refactoring, as well as increase productivity coding day-to-day.

Software codebases have become increasingly large and complex, which will only get worse as more code is generated using AI tools. CodeSee is addressing this challenge with the introduction of a new AI feature enabling developers to interrogate their codebases directly, decreasing time spent on code comprehension and increasing overall productivity.

“Everyone is talking about generative AI and although the technology is exciting, what we’re seeing in the market is the technology being used to answer very isolated questions and solve very isolated problems. But the reality in working in the huge, complex codebases at many companies is developers are still doing a ton of work in their heads to understand the larger system so that they can maintain it and change it with confidence. With developers spending so much of their time understanding existing code, we set out to build a tool using AI that finally relieves the cognitive load of a large or legacy codebase, and gives them time back to solve business problems and write code,” said Shanea Leven, co-founder and CEO of CodeSee. “With CodeSee’s powerful combination of a visual graph and generative AI, developers now have the experience of a codebase expert sitting next to them, answering any and all questions, then walking them through how something works visually. Visuals, not just text, is still the fastest way to grok information.”

CodeSee’s platform redefines the way developers interact with their codebase by providing developers the ability to ask intuitive, natural language questions directly to their codebases, resulting in intelligent insights, and visualizations of intricate code architectures, speeding up all types of development.

The new AI feature provides:

  • Intelligent Codebase Understanding: AI-powered code understanding enables developers to query their codebase and receive responses to questions like, “How does authentication work? Or, where do I start with understanding billing?”
  • Visual Codebase Understanding: Explore your codebase visually, follow execution paths, and build up your understanding – all with the support of AI.
  • Enhanced Team Performance: Using the understanding provided by AI with visualizations, teams can maximize their performance and confidently ship more code faster.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: New engineers can quickly familiarize themselves with the codebase using natural language queries and visual maps, creating a smoother onboarding experience.
  • Efficient Refactoring: The platform provides a detailed map of code connections and flows, providing a solid base for efficient and accurate code refactoring.

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CodeSee is the first code visibility platform, founded in 2019. The company has gained industry recognition, named as one of the hottest DevOps startups and a winner of the InfoWorld 2022 Technology of the Year Award. CodeSee is headquartered in San Francisco and has strong financial backing from leading venture capitalists including Boldstart, Uncork Capital, Wellington Access Ventures, Precursor Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and M12.

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