SiSaf Appoints Nikos Tzagkarakis in the New Role of Chief A.I. Officer

GUILDFORD, England, July 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RNA delivery and therapeutics company SiSaf Ltd announces that it has appointed Nikos Tzagkarakis in the newly created role of Chief A.I. Officer.

The new position reflects the increasing role of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning in healthcare and drug discovery. As a member of the Company’s leadership team, Mr. Tzagkarakis will be responsible for designing a neurosymbolic engine to accelerate the development of next-generation Bio-Courier formulations.

Mr. Tzagkarakis brings over 15 years’ senior leadership and data analytics experience in artificial intelligence and data architectures. He joins from Metanomics where he designed the company’s economy simulation algorithm, connected to Bayesian networks and statistics. He also designed Metanomics’ neurosymbolic architecture combining Deep Learning and Hierarchical Graph computations, used in gamer behaviour predictions. Prior to this he was co-founder and CEO of Intoolab, where he designed the ‘Tzager’ A.I. platform, the first Bayesian Network able to simulate human body mechanisms and chemical pathways, and to incorporate existing knowledge directly from millions of papers and internal research. SiSaf used the Tzager A.I. platform successfully on a project related to Covid-19.

SiSaf’s Bio-Courier technology has demonstrated great capabilities for the targeted delivery of a wide range of molecules. A.I. offers the potential to fast-track the development and optimization of Bio-Courier formulations for new targets and indications. To this end, SiSaf has brought in Mr. Tzagkarakis to design a custom-built neurosymbolic engine combining Bayesian networks with language models.

The Bio-Courier drug delivery platform builds upon lipid nanoparticle technology with the introduction of silicon, for structural integrity and durability. The result is a nanoparticle with improved loading capacity and protection from hydrolysis, combined with efficient transfection and controlled release of the oligonucleotide payload. Bio-Courier versatility is achieved by modifying particle size, surface charge and surface ligands for targeting to the desired site of drug action. Bio-Courier formulated drugs can be used for multiple routes of administration.

SiSaf’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, said, “A.I. has reached a stage where it can fast-track drug discovery and development. It thus offers a huge opportunity for our Bio-Courier technology. SiSaf is a highly innovative company and A.I. has the potential to supercharge innovation by helping us identify the next generation of Bio-Courier targets and formulations. Nikos’s work could take Bio-Courier technology to the next level and future-proof SiSaf’s IP.”

Nikos Tzagkarakis, Chief A.I. Officer at SiSaf said, “I’m excited to build on the amazing work and achievements of the SiSaf team to date and to help maximise its potential by combining important developments in A.I. algorithms and the incredible promise of the Bio-Courier technology. I believe strongly that SiSaf is in a unique position to make a significant impact in biomedicine, particularly in gene therapy, where its technology has key advantages.”

About SiSaf

SiSaf is an RNA delivery and therapeutics company. The company’s portfolio of patented delivery technologies includes silicon-stabilized hybrid lipid nanoparticles (sshLNP) that improve the stability, safety, and transfection efficiency of RNA. SiSaf uses sshLNP to develop a pipeline of RNA therapeutics, including siRNA treatments for autosomal dominant disorders. The company is also conducting preclinical research on RNA therapeutics for oncological applications and is maximizing the potential of its technology through research partnerships.

Led by founder and leading biomaterials specialist Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, SiSaf is a private company supported by venture capital investors including Vickers Venture Partners and the UK Future Fund. Headquartered in Guildford, UK, it has fully integrated research labs and bio-analytical facilities, a scalable technology to fast-track development, and a growing patent estate with extensive freedom to operate.

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