Datametrex Officially Launches AnalyticsGPT

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – September 18, 2023) – Datametrex AI Limited (TSXV: DM) (FSE: D4G) (OTCQB: DTMXF) (the “Company” or “Datametrex”) is pleased to announce that the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Nexalogy Environics Inc. (“Nexalogy“), has officially launched its artificial intelligence (AI) and generative pre-trained technology (GPT) software, AnalyticsGPT to businesses today, designed to empower businesses with the ability to harness the power of AI for data analysis, research and discovery.

The underlying AnalyticsGPT technology was developed in conjunction with and used by the U.S. and Canadian Military for defense initiatives and is characterized by its robustness, reliability, and precision. Starting today, enterprises now have access to the new AnalyticsGPT platform, allowing them to leverage this intuitive, user-friendly interface for their own business needs. In the following weeks, the Company will be announcing additional packages and pricing models designed to allow smaller businesses to leverage the power of AnalyticsGPT.

In today’s data-driven world, businesses face the formidable challenge of navigating the vast sea of online data to make informed decisions and enhance their bottom line. AnalyticsGPT was designed to simplify this challenge by offering an efficient and accessible solution that allows organizations to extract meaningful insights online, conduct thorough research, discover the unknowns online, and drive data-backed decision-making processes.

Key features of AnalyticsGPT:

  1. Intuitive User Interface: AnalyticsGPT boasts a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to seamlessly integrate AI-driven analytics into their operations.
  2. Discovery: Deep dive into the online world and discover unknown, unknowns. AnalyticsGPT scans vast data streams from social media, news, blogs, forums, messengers, and more, making predictive analytics easily accessible.
  3. Insights: AnalyticsGPT collects data quickly and summarizes insights, making sense of mass amounts of data for you.
  4. Accuracy: With over a decade of research behind it, the engine was built with accuracy and precision in mind.
  5. Customizability: The engine can be customized to different domains, catering to your business’ individual needs.
  6. Portability and Flexible Deployment: AnalyticsGPT’s Enterprise Deep Dive package can be deployed anywhere you can deploy a container, from a laptop to the cloud to your internal networks. For those who want the ease of use of AnalyticsGPT without deployment, we offer a SaaS model.
  7. Applications for Businesses: Business intelligence, product development, audience discovery, content optimization, competitor monitoring, branding, and more.
  8. Versatile Pricing Models: The Company understands that businesses have diverse needs. AnalyticsGPT offers three pricing models tailored to meet various requirements:
  • Business Intel ($999 USD/Month*): Catering to medium-sized enterprises, this package offers access to all the analytics, data sources, and insights AnalyticsGPT has to offer.
  • Enterprise Deep Dive (Custom Pricing *): Designed for large enterprises, this package allows customization based on the volume of data and specific needs of your organization.
  • Self-serve and Micro-Business Package: Catering to micro-businesses and start-ups, details of this package will be announced in the next few weeks.

*All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed. Prices stated do not include any sales, use, vat or excise tax, or any other tax, duty, or charge that is now in effect or may be hereafter imposed by any Federal, State, Provincial, or other authority.

For further information on AnalyticsGPT, including pricing details, a comprehensive exploration of its features, a detailed whitepaper, and informative videos that provide an in-depth look into the capabilities of AnalyticsGPT, please visit the Company’s recently updated website at

We are excited to officially launch AnalyticsGPT and bring the power of AI-driven data analytics to businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to simplify the complexities of data analysis and research, enabling businesses to make smarter decisions and ultimately improve their bottom line. AnalyticsGPT is the result of extensive research and development, and we believe it will revolutionize the way organizations harness the potential of AI for their business and discovery needs,” said Marshall Gunter, CEO of the Company.

About Nexalogy

Nexalogy has pioneered AnalyticsGPT, a cutting-edge solution crafted through collaboration with the Canadian government and various private entities. This technology is designed to distill vast and complex data sets into comprehensible insights. Powered by proprietary GPT technology, it facilitates swift and cost-effective data scanning. Users can specify data parameters via keywords and media details. In return, AnalyticsGPT processes this data, generating automated reports that streamline the interpretation process. The fusion of advanced A.I. algorithms with GPT technology makes predictive analytics accessible to a broader audience, removing the typical reliance on specialized data analysts. Notably, AnalyticsGPT unveils patterns pivotal for both immediate crisis reporting and long-term narrative strategies, as conceptualized in the BEND (Build Engage Neutralize Distract) framework.

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About Datametrex

Datametrex AI Limited is a technology-focused company with verticals in leading industries, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, telehealth, healthcare, and electric vehicles. Datametrex’s mission is to provide tools and solutions that support companies in optimizing and fulfilling their operational goals, with predictive and preventive technologies. By working with companies to set a new standard of protocols through artificial intelligence and health diagnostics, the Company provides progressive solutions to improve businesses bottom line.

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