FPT and Silvaco Ink Deal, Advancing Semiconductor Workforce and Business Expansion

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FPT Semiconductor, a subsidiary of FPT Corporation (FPT), today announced its partnership with Silvaco, US-based leading provider of TCAD, EDA software, and Design IP, aiming at fostering workforce and business growth in the semiconductor sector. The partnership signing ceremony took place during Vietnam Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s visit to the United States.

This partnership focuses on developing the US semiconductor workforce, capitalizing on FPT Semiconductor and Silvaco’s industry expertise and the resources of FPT University – an institution under FPT’s comprehensive education system. Additionally, both sides will jointly establish the Vietnam Learning Semiconductor Hub, aligning with government initiatives to nurture this sector’s talent pool.

Tapping into its partner’s customer base, FPT Semiconductor will provide IP on Silvaco’s platform and become the exclusive representative and distributor of Silvaco’s semiconductor software solutions in Vietnam. In turn, Silvaco will become a strategic investor of FPT Semiconductor. The two companies will also join hands in business development, spanning the areas of StandardCell, IO, and Memory design.

Semiconductor holds a prominent position in FPT’s strategic agenda, as emphasized by FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh during US President Biden’s state visit to Vietnam earlier this September. Here, he advocated collaborative efforts and called for government support from Vietnam and the United States to bolster semiconductor workforce development. As a part of this commitment, FPT University has introduced its Semiconductor Circuit Faculty, catering comprehensive training to undergraduate, college, and postgraduate students commencing 2024.

In 2022, FPT established its semiconductor subsidiary, making it the first company in Vietnam to manufacture commercial chips, focusing on customized chip design. The company has secured orders for nearly 70 million chips, slated for fulfilment over the next two years.

Entering the US in 2008, FPT has solidified its position as a trusted solution provider, boasting a clientele of over 300 companies. In the next five years, FPT is committed to annual investments of USD 100 million for the US market. The company also anticipates generating an additional 3,000 jobs by 2028 and achieving revenue of USD 1 billion by 2030 in this market.

About FPT Corporation

FPT Corporation (FPT) is a globally leading technology and IT services provider headquartered in Vietnam. FPT operates in three core sectors: Technology, Telecommunications, and Education. During over three decades of development, FPT has constantly provided practical and effective products to millions of people and tens of thousands of business and non-business organizations worldwide, establishing Vietnam’s position on the global tech map. Keeping up with the latest market trends and emerging technologies, FPT has developed the Made-by-FPT ecosystem of services, products, solutions and platforms, which enables sustainable growth for organizations and businesses and offers distinctive experiences to customers. In 2022, FPT recorded total revenue of US$1.87 billion and 60,000+ employees. For more information, please visit https://fpt.com.vn/en.


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