NordPass introduced passkey support for iPhone users

LONDON, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With Apple rolling out its latest operating system, iOS 17, today, NordPass announced that its customers are now able to create, store, manage, and share passkeys on mobile Apple devices. To date, this feature was available on desktop apps, web pages, and browser extensions.

“We aim for our customers to experience the best of passkeys from day one of any new technological upgrades delivered in the market. With the new release by Apple, we expanded our offering of passkey-related functionalities, which speeds up the transition from passwords to modern methods of online authentication,” says Sorin Manole, product strategist at NordPass.

Back in June, during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced that with iOS 17 it will allow third-party apps, such as password managers, to save and offer passkeys for apps and websites across the system, including on mobile devices. Without this feature, password managers had their hands tied in bringing their clients fully multi-platform passkey storage that works across all devices, without exception.

With this latest addition being gradually rolled out to all users throughout this week, NordPass’ business and individual customers can create, store, access, manage, and share passkeys on the desktop app, web vault, Firefox and Chrome-based browser extensions, and Apple mobile devices. In the upcoming months, NordPass is also introducing passkey support on mobile devices for Android users, once Google releases its latest operating system.

Storing passkeys in a password manager vs. a device

A passkey is a pair of related keys: public and private. Once a user chooses to login with passkeys to any website or app that supports this technology, their device generates a private key, which is then automatically stored within. While this option is convenient for people using devices of the same ecosystem because passkeys can be synced across gadgets, people having devices of different ecosystems meet limitations.

Creating a passkey in the password manager instead of a device allows access across different devices and operating systems. Additionally, some password managers, including NordPass, allow passkey sharing, which is handy when managing shared accounts.


NordPass is a password manager for both business and consumer clients. It’s powered by the latest technology for the utmost security. Developed with affordability, simplicity, and ease of use in mind, NordPass allows users to access passwords securely on desktop, mobile, and browsers. All passwords are encrypted on the device, so only the user can access them. NordPass was created by the experts behind NordVPN — the advanced security and privacy app trusted by more than 14 million customers worldwide. For more information:

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