Candy Cane Lane, Starring Eddie Murphy, Slashes 4,000 lbs of CO2 With Mobile Clean Energy Batteries

Amazon MGM Studios Adopts Moxion Power’s Mobile Battery to Replace Diesel Generators During Production of ‘Candy Cane Lane’, Setting a New Standard for Sustainable Film Production

RICHMOND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Moxion Power (“Moxion”), a California-based manufacturer of clean, mobile battery energy storage system (BESS) technology, has teamed up with Amazon MGM Studios to reduce emissions on film and television productions. Through the use of Moxion, the set of the holiday film, Candy Cane Lane, starring Eddie Murphy, averted over 4,000 lbs of CO2 emissions by replacing nearly 190 gallons of diesel fuel with clean energy.

By powering cameras, transportation, lighting, base camp trailers, and other production equipment on set, Moxion’s technology proved instrumental in reducing emissions throughout the 11-day production span. Candy Cane Lane harnessed more than 1,200 kWh of clean energy from Moxion’s batteries to deliver fuel cost savings of almost $1,000. Moxion also piloted the batteries on productions including Sitting in Bars with Cake and the Freevee series Bosch: Legacy.

Unlike traditional diesel-fuel generators that are typically used to power productions, Moxion’s batteries don’t emit fumes or air pollution, can be operated indoors, are virtually silent, and do not require energy-intensive warm-up or cool-down times. This year Moxion extended its versatile power solutions beyond film sets, supporting major events like the PGA Championship and live music festivals such as BottleRock and Austin City Limits. Beyond the entertainment industry, Moxion batteries are capable of powering construction sites, charging electric vehicles, and supporting utilities to meet energy demand.

“At Moxion, we take pride in contributing to Amazon MGM Studios’ mission to decarbonize the entertainment industry. Our mobile BESS units provide filmmakers with a cleaner, quieter, and cost-effective energy solution, setting a new benchmark for eco-conscious film and television production,” said Alex Meek, co-founder and President of Moxion Power. “Our units are supported by a swap service, which provides sets with uninterrupted power during film operations by seamlessly swapping out batteries as needed.”

“Introducing Moxion’s battery technology on our sets has been a game-changer,” said Glenn Gainor, Head of Physical Production, Amazon Original Movies, at Amazon MGM Studios. “The absence of noise and exhaust emissions, coupled with seamless recharging operations, means we can shoot more scenes more safely, and aligns perfectly with our commitment to environmentally responsible filmmaking.”

Nick Ellis, a Principal at Amazon’s $2Bn Climate Pledge Fund, said, “We are eager to finance and deploy innovative energy solutions like Moxion’s to decarbonize Amazon’s operations. Our focus remains on collaborating with best-in-class startups like Moxion that can accelerate our mission to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.”

About Moxion Power Co.

Moxion Power designs, engineers, and manufactures mobile energy storage products and technologies, which enable and accelerate the electrification of industries such as construction, transportation, utilities, live events, film production, and defense. To date, Moxion has raised more than $110m from investors including the Amazon Climate Pledge Fund, the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund, Enterprise Holdings, Marubeni Ventures, Energy Impact Partners, and Tamarack Global. To learn more, please visit



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