PNK Group’s Building Assembly Set Elements Have Been Certified in the U.S.

PNK Group’s new industrial building elements technology, which took several years to develop, has been certified by the University of Nebraska.

Atlanta, Georgia–(Newsfile Corp. – January 17, 2024) – PNK Group is pleased to announce that their innovative Building Assembly Set (BAS) elements for industrial construction have been officially certified by the University of Nebraska, marking a significant advancement in the rapid erection of industrial buildings across the United States.

The main difference of this new construction method is the unified Building Assembly Set elements that ensure easy transportation and assembly, and most importantly, fast erection of industrial buildings and start-up of production.

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PNK Group’s Building Assembly Set elements have been certified in the U.S.

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One of the main characteristics of the new BAS construction method is its simplicity. The components were developed by PNK Group specialists, taking into account maximizing the simplicity of assembly, which allows for easy erection of buildings. The prefabricated parts of the BAS are also compact, greatly simplifying transportation. An important advantage of PNK BAS construction technology is using unified BAS elements. This allows for the optimization of the production process and storage of all components.

All elements are compatible with each other, which provides flexibility in design and adaptation to different conditions. BAS elements can be used for any PNK Group industrial building in most states. One of the key differences of the new technology is its simple assembly. Erectors, even those starting to assemble an industrial building for the first time, learn the processes very quickly. There are no complex or high-tech operations in the assembly. This significantly reduces labor costs and eliminates the need to attract highly qualified specialists. PNK can quickly and efficiently build production facilities without regardless of the shortage of experienced personnel.

Certification of any technology in the United States requires compliance with strict standards and building codes. The PNK BAS construction method takes into account wind loads and the unique climatic conditions of different regions of the country.

After certification, the BAS elements were in situ tested at production facilities in different states of the USA.

Simplicity, ease of work, unification of component elements, minimal dependence on highly qualified specialists, and no need for heavy machinery allow the acceleration of the construction of buildings by 2-3 times.

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