DigitalOcean Unveils Enhanced Data Backups to Strengthen Business Continuity

DigitalOcean introduces the next evolution of Backups to help prevent data disruption and protect startups and growing digital businesses

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: DOCN), the developer cloud optimized for startups and growing digital businesses, today announced the next evolution of DigitalOcean Backups, an offering that protects users from data disruptions and supports business continuity through enhanced daily, system-level backups of DigitalOcean Droplets. Through these more frequent and faster backups, startups, independent software vendors (ISVs), and growing digital businesses can gain peace of mind and confidently build their data resiliency without the burden of complex solutions.

Developers and software engineers at growing businesses and startups are embracing cloud computing at an exponential rate with more than 60% of SMB data now residing in the public cloud. The sheer volume of data and the velocity at which it’s being generated makes it increasingly vital for businesses to bolster their data protection strategy. With improved DigitalOcean Backups, new and existing customers can recover from a security incident quicker, minimize the risk of data loss from user errors, better adhere to compliance requirements, and innovate with a safety net. These automatically-created disk images of virtual machines allow users to revert to an older state or create new Droplets, effectively reducing the time and effort spent on backup management.

“As a company grows, data from new transactions, incoming employees, and expanding customer interactions is added to an ever-growing pool, requiring a solution that can align your data protection with your business’s operational pace,” said Aaqib Gadit, Chief Revenue Officer at DigitalOcean. “Through these powerful enhancements to DigitalOcean Backups, growing digital businesses and startups can benefit from flexible, daily backups that provide robust data protection without compromising simplicity or ease of use.”

Key features of enhanced DigitalOcean Backups include:

  • Backups as frequent as every day: Users can back up their Droplets every day to get the maximum protection for their critical workloads. DigitalOcean will automatically retain the most recent seven backup copies for users, also offering weekly Droplet backups that are retained for four weeks.
  • Fast backup and recovery backed by modern storage infrastructure: DigitalOcean’s new backup storage infrastructure leverages incremental backup technology to back up only data that has changed, enabling significantly faster backup times.
  • Configurable backup windows: Customers can select a four-hour window for backups to be taken and can recover Droplets along with any files, applications, or databases running on top of it. Through this flexibility, businesses can optimize the timing of their backups and ensure there’s minimal impact on their workloads.

“The introduction of daily backups for DigitalOcean’s Droplet virtual machines is an important step for comprehensive data protection, enabling DigitalOcean on its path to becoming the cloud of choice for startups, ISVs and SMBs,” said Dave McCarthy, Research Vice President, Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Services at IDC. “This key enhancement positions DigitalOcean to not only deliver stronger data protection, but empowers businesses to recover from disruptions swiftly and provide more consistent and improved experiences for their customers.”

Daily Droplet backups are now available in NYC3 and SFO3 data centers, with availability in other regions coming soon. Tech-focused businesses with a significant cloud investment, businesses operating in a multi-tenant model, companies that host instances of their applications or products, and fast-innovating startups all benefit from this offering.

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