ZeroFox Launches Mobile App for Physical Security Intelligence Solution

New offering satisfies on-the-go corporate security practitioners’ need for dynamic, intelligence-driven physical security

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ZeroFox, the leader in external cybersecurity, today announced the launch of its physical security intelligence (PSI) mobile application, ZeroFox PSI Mobile. The ZeroFox PSI Mobile app delivers 24x7x365 global physical threat awareness for on-the-go corporate security practitioners, enabling rapid response to physical security incidents that could impact the safety of key personnel or disrupt critical business operations.

Physical security threats to businesses have significantly increased over the past three years, with 25% of businesses experiencing more physical security incidents in 2023 compared to previous years. And from Q4 of 2023 to Q1 of 2024, ZeroFox Intelligence observed an 18% increase in external attacks targeting protected executives, including both digital and physical threats. Physical threats don’t wait for you to return to your desk; with ZeroFox’s new mobile physical security app, corporate security teams can access the latest intelligence in the palm of their hand, on or offsite. The new ZeroFox PSI Mobile app enables rapid location configuration as needed, along with the ability to instantly check for threats in locations where executives are traveling and share analyst-vetted alerts for swift response to mitigate threats.

The ZeroFox PSI Mobile app, available for iOS and Android, is designed specifically for on-the-go corporate security practitioners – delivering all the existing value of ZeroFox’s current PSI solution, plus new mobile-centric features to empower them in the field. Key capabilities include:

  • Continuous Monitoring and Unmatched Visibility: ZeroFox’s combined AI technology and in-house physical security analysts collects petabytes of threat data across the surface, deep, and dark web; 12B+ historical threat intelligence records captured in the industry’s most complete data lake; and third-party integrations to assess emerging or imminent physical security threats.
  • Real-time Location Sharing: The ZeroFox PSI Mobile app provides easy access to information about physical threats in proximity to executives’ shared mobile device.
  • Interactive Geovisualization and Searches: Global physical security incidents are tagged and categorized by incident type, latitude and longitude, and time domain and delivered on an interactive map. Security teams can filter, search, visualize, and share critical alert information or search by specific type or location.
  • In-House Team of Dedicated Physical Security Analysts: ZeroFox’s dedicated team of physical security analysts works 24x7x365 to analyze and vet a broad range of intelligence on potentially disruptive events worldwide from social media platforms, underground forums, and websites. This intelligence is distilled into key events, validated for potential risk, enriched with analyst context and information, and disseminated via near real-time, high-fidelity alerts.
  • Optimized PSI for In-Field Practitioners at No Additional Cost: ZeroFox PSI Mobile is available to current ZeroFox PSI customers at no additional cost, offering full geovisualization of global threats, push notifications for rapid threat response, and optional location tracking for automated situational awareness.

“The ZeroFox PSI Mobile app is a natural extension of our PSI Geovisualization analyst tool launched last year,” said John Prestridge, Chief Product Officer at ZeroFox. “In today’s increasingly global and digital world, corporate security analysts often find themselves away from their desktops, creating potential gaps in coverage. With new mobile-centric features like push notifications and optional location sharing, we’re equipping practitioners with the proactive tools and intelligence they need to respond swiftly to physical security incidents affecting their organization’s global offices, headquarters, facilities, and key personnel. We’re proud to add this new layer of threat visualization for our customers.”

To learn more about ZeroFox’s Physical Security Intelligence solutions, click here.

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