Asperitas Launches Application Modernization Accelerator Framework

Professional services offering can help enterprises increase speed of innovation by 50+%

CHICAGO, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Asperitas Consulting, a cloud services company, announces the availability of its Application Modernization Accelerator Framework, a professional services offering for large and midmarket enterprises. The proprietary framework, developed over the past decade by Asperitas cloud experts and proven to work in the most highly regulated industries, can help companies move their most critical applications to a modern cloud infrastructure.

As organizations have adopted cloud, many have brought legacy processes and technical baggage with them. Too often, they have simply moved their on-premises problem to someone else’s datacenter. Organizations are put into this position by several factors: time constraints, lack of expertise, technical limitations, and more. The next wave of cloud consumption requires businesses to rethink the way they have to deploy and manage applications in the cloud. This requires more automation, less operational overhead, tighter security, and more agility. Without these, organizations cannot comfortably move fast enough to stay ahead of the digital curve.

Asperitas’ Application Modernization Accelerator Framework uses key tenets of modern cloud architecture (i.e. containerization, serverless technologies, continuous integration, continuous delivery, infrastructure as code management, etc.) as a lens to examine clients’ desired business outcomes, application architecture and organizational business processes, in a holistic manner. Asperitas then works with its clients to identify concrete, actionable recommendations that will enable the enterprise to capitalize on its cloud investment in a cost-effective and secure manner. The result is a dramatic increase in the speed at which Asperitas clients deliver new capabilities to their users.

Asperitas’ framework has been successful for numerous large and upper midmarket enterprises across industries, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies. For example, a global financial institution, a nationwide manufacturer of consumer electronics, a large fast-food franchise, and a global education provider have all used the framework to improve their agility, resiliency, and production risk exposure.

“Our cloud experts have spent a majority of their careers in legacy technology and understand how enterprises work,” said Mark McCoy, Managing Partner and Lead Cloud Architect at Asperitas. “The adoption of cloud technology requires the guidance and hands-on support of experienced professionals – not only to stitch together the technology but to bring together the different parts of the business. Asperitas has been able to help customers accelerate their adoption of modern cloud services by applying what we have learned through numerous engagements over many years.”

About Asperitas

Founded in 2016, Asperitas Consulting helps organizations capitalize on the value of the cloud through its unique, holistic approach to cloud adoption. For midmarket and large enterprises, the approach maximizes cloud benefits, while Asperitas’ multi-disciplined expertise streamlines the adoption process. The Asperitas Consulting team has worked on complex solutions for many of the world’s largest, industry-leading enterprises. Our team of highly sought−after industry specialists cover the full spectrum of technologies, which is critical in successfully implementing a cloud-enabled enterprise. Asperitas is a Microsoft Azure and AWS partner. For more information visit

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