New Release of ProjectManager Enables Companies to Embrace and Succeed in the New World of Hybrid Work

New user interface with role-based data insights, enhanced collaborative tools and new licensing options make hybrid work management more accessible and affordable

AUSTIN, Texas, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ProjectManager, a leading provider of hybrid work management software, today unveiled a major product release, purpose-built for hybrid teams, enabling them to organize, collaborate and accelerate their work regardless of the location, preferred work style or unique role of team members. The companies they support can now embrace the new world of hybrid work without losing productivity or competitive advantage.

“How we work continues to change, since where and when we work has changed, irrevocably, in the modern work revolution of the past few years,” said Stephanie Ray, Vice President of Product for ProjectManager. “Whether you are an agile product development team, or an IT team rolling out new products or services to a fixed timeline, or a manufacturing team tracking production and delivery with Kanban, ProjectManager is the only tool that has the flexibility, collaborative power and role-based data insights to keep everyone working together.”

This latest release includes several major enhancements to the ProjectManager platform:

First, ProjectManager’s new user interface provides not only a modern, elegant design, but it also surfaces the data and insights team members need much more quickly than before, which improves tool adoption, project delivery and collaboration. In particular, new Home views provide a role-based, customizable entry point into the product, allowing users to quickly spot what’s working and what’s not, and then manage by exception.

Second, for a software system to actually be a single source of truth for project-related information, that system has to have a connection to project team meetings, which are still the most common way many hybrid teams share status and progress updates. By integrating ProjectManager and Zoom, virtual meetings can be scheduled and launched from the same interface that projects and tasks are being executed.

Many hybrid teams in areas like professional services work with a large number of external project stakeholders or internal sponsors who only need to stay apprised of the progress of a given project, rather than complete tasks or enter time. For those users, ProjectManager customers now have an allotment of view-only guest licenses they can distribute. Business edition customers have access to five guest licenses at no additional cost; and Enterprise edition customers may distribute unlimited guest licenses, at no additional cost.

A U.S.-based clean energy company has seen tremendous success leveraging ProjectManager in the new world of hybrid work. According to the firm’s IT director, with the advent of the pandemic, “we suddenly recognized that we needed a product that could help with the transition from being in the office to remote work while managing different work styles in the single platform. ProjectManager lets [us] prioritize and manage the time frame for a project and gives us a working understanding of who’s working on what, when and where. We can see where we are in real time, whether we’re tracking an individual task or the broader portfolio.”

These latest enhancements to ProjectManager will be generally available in April. For more information about ProjectManager, or to begin a 30-day trial, visit

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