Proscia and Visiopharm Partner to Deliver AI-Powered Pathology to Drive Insight in Cancer Diagnosis

Partnership to improve clinical decision making for breast and colon cancer care

HOERSHOLM, Denmark & PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Proscia®, a leader in digital and computational pathology solutions, and Visiopharm, a world leader in AI-driven precision pathology software, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver integrated AI-enabled solutions that aim to improve clinical decision making for cancer care. Through the collaboration, the partners will advance the use of AI-enabled solutions to deliver new insights to pathologists for two of the most common cancer diagnoses.

Driven by a growing base of evidence on the economic and clinical benefits of adoption, leading laboratories are increasingly looking to adopt AI in routine practice to optimize operations and improve patient care. In a Nature survey of pathologists, 75% expressed interest in using AI to facilitate workflow and quality improvements, and 80% expected to be using AI by 2028. Powerful computational applications such as Visiopharm’s portfolio of breast and colon solutions have highlighted the role that AI could play in improving diagnosis for an increasingly large portion of lab volume. However, a key barrier to deriving the full value of AI is the lab’s ability to seamlessly integrate this diverse range of applications into routine operations.

Proscia and Visiopharm have joined forces to deliver a unified solution that combines Visiopharm’s suite of CE-IVD* clinical AI applications – including breast IHC markers, breast metastasis detection, and colon metastasis detection – with Proscia’s CE-IVD Concentriq Dx platform** for image-based data and workflow management. Users of Concentriq Dx can now leverage the full suite of Visiopharm’s AI applications directly in the routine workflow, helping pathologists quantify the expression of biomarkers aiming to accelerate treatment decisions for patient care. This marks an expansion of the companies’ existing collaboration integrating AI-enabled solutions which have successfully driven breakthroughs in translational research and advance precision medicine for life sciences companies.

“We are excited about expanding our successful partnership in the research market to include the clinical market,” said Michael Grunkin, CEO of Visiopharm. “With Visiopharm’s commitment to AI-driven Precision Pathology, and Proscia’s commitment to interoperability and digital workflow solutions for pathology labs, this integrated solution combines efficient workflows and support for optimal treatment decisions to our clinical customers.” *

“Our unified solution will equip pathologists with powerful AI applications to quantify expression of biomarkers aiming to significantly improve treatment decisions,” said David West, CEO of Proscia. “Ultimately, this will enable pathologists to fully realize AI’s potential in unlocking insights that remain hidden to the human eye, helping to advance the way we understand and treat disease, driving accuracy in diagnosis, and establishing prognosis and personalized therapies for patients.”

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*Visiopharm’s clinical AI IVDs are certified under IVDR in Europe only. These are not for diagnostic purposes in US.

**Concentriq Dx is CE-marked for in-vitro diagnostic use in Europe and available for primary diagnosis in the US during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

About Visiopharm

Visiopharm® is a world leader in AI-driven precision pathology software. Their pioneering image analysis tools support thousands of scientists, pathologists, and image analysis experts in academic institutions, biopharmaceutical industry, and diagnostic centers. AI-based image analysis and tissue mining tools support research and drug development research worldwide, while CE-IVD APPs support diagnostic decision making. With the most advanced and sophisticated artificial intelligence and deep learning, Visiopharm delivers tissue data mining tools, precision results, and workflows. For more information, visit

About Proscia

Proscia is a software company that is accelerating pathology’s digital transformation to change the way we understand diseases like cancer. Its Concentriq digital pathology platform and powerful AI applications are advancing the 150-year-old standard of research and diagnosis towards a data-driven discipline, unlocking new insights that accelerate discovery, improve patient outcomes, and fulfill the promise of precision care. Leading diagnostic laboratories and over 10 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies rely on Proscia’s software each day. For more information, visit


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