Somnology and BodiMetrics Partner to Bring Medical-grade Sleep Wearables to Consumer Hands

BodiMetrics’ medical-grade sleep-tracking sensors will enhance Somnology’s comprehensive sleep-care platform

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Somnology Inc., a digital healthcare solutions provider specializing in comprehensive sleep care, has announced its partnership with BodiMetrics, LLC, a purveyor of advanced, wearable biometrics sensors. Through the partnership, Somnology will incorporate BodiMetrics’ cutting-edge medical-grade technology to enhance and improve its SomnoRing® – a wearable sleep tracking ring that is a key component of Somnology’s comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant sleep care solution.

The SomnoRing, powered by BodiMetrics’ technology, offers Somnology’s clinical team a richer, more granular biometric data set than other consumer-centric offerings on the market, including specific individual sleep-wake patterns, “deep sleep” episodes and “light sleep” detection. While other sleep-centric biometric sensors merely collect data for a patient’s use, Somnology takes the process a step further, securely transmitting the data collected by SomnoRing to Somnology’s experienced healthcare specialists for evaluation, who then analyze and recommend next steps.

“We are excited to partner with Somnology’s exceptional team and impressive sleep management platform,” said Mark Goettling, BodiMetrics CEO and co-founder. “We strongly believe our circul+™ Ring technology that accurately measures blood oxygenation across all skin tones, coupled with Somnology’s comprehensive sleep care solution, will promote better sleep, fewer sleep disorders and healthier individuals.”

Sleep disorders impact an estimated 70 million Americans, and Somnology’s sleep care approach significantly reduces the typical 180-day wait time for an in-person sleep study, or polysomnography, which is not easily accessible by all Americans. Somnology’s approach of leveraging wearables for the purpose of evaluation and diagnosis, followed by therapeutic remediation of sleep disorders and ongoing monitoring through “Sleep Lab as a Service”, or SLaaS®, makes sleep care more accessible to those who suffer the most.

“Consistent with Somnology’s commitment to providing a comprehensive, medical-grade sleep care program, we are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with BodiMetrics,” said Patrick Yam, Somnology CEO and co-founder. “We hold the working relationship we have developed with BodiMetrics in high regard; it has greatly contributed to the progress and development of Somnology’s SomnoRing and that of BodiMetrics’ circul+. Somnology remains committed to adding our proprietary IP to maintain the pre-eminent medical grade accuracy and efficiency of the SomnoRing. Together, we are bringing accessible, clinically focused technology to corporate employee users, helping patients avoid uncomfortable sleep studies in a lab and instead receive true clinical care in the comfort of their own home.”


Somnology is a digital healthcare business specializing in comprehensive sleep solutions. Somnology’s flagship approach offers in-depth assessment, continuous sleep monitoring, at-home diagnostic evaluation, telehealth healthcare advisory, and therapeutic testing. Somnology is proudly certified as an independent diagnostic testing facility by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and is credentialed by 15 national health plans. Throughout every step of Somnology’s process, patient-users will receive thorough and carefully coordinated care. Somnology’s SLaaS® (Sleep Lab as a Service) platform combines data-driven AI with personalized care and monitoring to ensure every patient-user receives the best solution for their needs — all while saving time and money.


BodiMetrics’ wearable technology, the circul+™ Ring, is a user-friendly, medical-grade oximeter that is accurate on all skin tones helping promote health equity. The metrics captured by the circul+™, including oxygen saturation (Sp02%), heart rate, and oxygen desaturation index (ODI), can be used by qualified clinicians to diagnose an array of sleep disorders. The circul+™ is highly accurate and proven comparable to polysomnography (PSG), the gold standard of diagnostic tests.


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